EDDMEvery Door Direct Mail (USPS)
EDDMAirport Munich, Germany
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Previously, it would spend its marketing budget by doing EDDMs every quarter.
In the first experiment, the performance of DBDM is compared against the following algorithms: DDM [11], EDDM [12], and ECDD [14] in terms of the false positive counts.
The reader should also note that the two vectors' lengths m and I are usually distinct; that is, the number of flights arriving at and departing from EDDM in this case and at/from any airport in general differs.
Effect of soybean meal fermented milk (SBMFM) supplementation on dry matter disappearances Degradability Levels of supplement SEM characteristics (1) (% of total concentrate (%) substrate) 0 3 5 a 6.18 (a) 3.75 (b) 6.87 (b) 2.15 b 80.82 79.9 79.51 1.93 c 0.488 0.482 0.479 0.01 a+b 74.65 (a) 83.65 (b) 86.38 (b) 0.70 EDDM 71.71 (a) 80.32 (b) 82.92 (b) 0.66 Degradability Orthogonal characteristics (1) polynomial (%) Linear Quadratic a * ns b ns ns c ns ns a+b ** * EDDM ** * SBMFM, soybean meal fermented milk; SEM, standard error of the mean; ns, non-significant different; EDDM, effective degradability of dry matter.
The EDDM program draws from Catdi Printing's micro-targeting techniques and effective strategies for increased consumer interaction.
The nonlinear parameters a, b, and c as well as the effective degradability of DM (EDDM) or CP (EDCP) or NDF (EDNDF) = (a+b)c/(c+k)([e-.sup.(ct)LT]), were calculated using the Neway computer program (McDonald, 1981).
The annual yields of DM, CP, and EDDM were statistically analyzed in a combined analysis for a randomized complete block design with year treated as a stripped effect (SAS Institute, 1995).
(2012) reported that wheat had relatively higher effective degradability of dry matter (EDDM), which was more rapidly fermented by ruminal microbes.
This study evaluates and compares the dry matter production (TDM), chemical composition and effective degradability of dry matter (EDDM), crude protein (EDCP) and neutral detergent fiber (EDNDF) of the Nueces hybrid and five new genotypes of buffelgrass growing in Northeastern Mexico.
Design, Print, Mail, Market and promotional item: EDDM, Websites, Broadcast E-mails
Moringa oilseed press cake had the highest (p<0.01) EDDM among treatments, closely followed by SBM and radish oilseed press cake, respectively (Table 2).