EDDOCEucom Deployment & Distribution Operations Center (Stuttgart, Germany)
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At the beginning of the Georgia crisis, USEUCOM EDDOC planners hosted daily collaboration sessions to synchronize and share information with the USTRANSCOM, the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, various USEUCOM components, and DLA.
The EDDOC-Forward would communicate battlefield priorities and requirements with the EDDOC home station.
To do this, EUCOM must compare the total JTLC manpower requirements with the positions that currently exist in the EDDOC and TSC-Forward.
Today, EUCOM has its J-4, the EDDOC at initial operating capability, a few joint boards, a few informal agreements such as the European Intermodal Distribution concept of operations, and service logistics assets.
During the AC-08 exercise, we are evaluating a Contingency Contracting Support Office trial with JFCOM, a hybrid of a Defense Logistics Agency Contingency Support Team and EDDOC forward options.
Additionally, a day was spent in working groups formed to discuss and generate solutions to issues like customs clearance, container management, the EDDOC, sustainment cargo, and transportation systems.
To enable America's GWOT partners, EDDOC established Joint Deployment and Interoperability Readiness Training (JDIRT).
C-17s also moved forces from another non-NATO country, Austria, to Afghanistan with load preparation by USAFE's 86th Contingency Response Group (CRG) with a tasking drafted by the EDDOC NCB and released by the EUCOM Plans and Operations Center (EPOC).