EDDOCEucom Deployment & Distribution Operations Center (Stuttgart, Germany)
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Hall ll is a traffic management specialist with the EUCOM Deployment and Distribution Operations Center (EDDOC), where he serves as the primary sustainment and distribution specialist.
EDDOC engagement with USTRANSCOM resulted in the scheduling of dozens of C-17 flights, together with the two daily C-130 flights, to deliver HDRs to Tbilisi, thereby creating a sustained flow of logistics.
At the beginning of the Georgia crisis, USEUCOM EDDOC planners hosted daily collaboration sessions to synchronize and share information with the USTRANSCOM, the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, various USEUCOM components, and DLA.
In a contingency environment, the EDDOC (now a subcomponent of the JTLC) also would expand to meet increased mission requirements.
From the augmented EDDOC, a deployable element would go forward with the JFSCC.
To do this, EUCOM must compare the total JTLC manpower requirements with the positions that currently exist in the EDDOC and TSC-Forward.
During the AC-08 exercise, we are evaluating a Contingency Contracting Support Office trial with JFCOM, a hybrid of a Defense Logistics Agency Contingency Support Team and EDDOC forward options.
Additionally, a day was spent in working groups formed to discuss and generate solutions to issues like customs clearance, container management, the EDDOC, sustainment cargo, and transportation systems.
In a contingency, the EDDOC's scope expands to include the Joint Logistics Operations Center, which oversees engineering, materiel readiness, contracting, fuel, and ammunition functions.
"At the end of 2004, the predecessor to the EDDOC did an informal survey of our allies in theater on how much they relied on U.S.
In a JOPES (Joint Operations Planning and Execution System) data query by EDDOC's Master Sgt.
To enable America's GWOT partners, EDDOC established Joint Deployment and Interoperability Readiness Training (JDIRT).