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EDEAExcellence in Distance Education Award (Commonwealth of Learning; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
EDEAÉcole d'Esthétique Appliquée et de Maquillage (French: School of Applied Esthetics and Makeup)
EDEAEngineering Department Enlisted Advisor
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As the editor Daniele Besomi notes in the Introduction, the book examines crises and cycles--specifically how they've been discussed in EDAE--noting the role EDEA play in the dissemination of knowledge about the discipline (a role that I suspect is often overlooked by academics, perhaps more so than the average interested layperson), both within and outside the academy.
Diferentes analisis (FUNDELEC, 2004, 2005 y 2007a; Lenguitti y Cebreiro, 2005; Arnera y Nizovoy, 2007; EDEA, 2008; Furlan, 2009; CAMMESA, 2011) coinciden en reconocer la situacion de riesgo en la que se encuentra el sistema de aprovisionamiento electrico debido a las deficiencias infraestructurales que padece: limitada capacidad de transporte y limitada generacion local.
57): Bibundi (Camerun); Edea (= Edea, Camerun); Fernando Poo (Isla de Bioko, Guinea Ecuatorial).
Condom use and risk perceptions among male and female adolescents in Cameroon: Qualitative evidence from Edea (Working Paper #22).
55v-56r, "In ipso quoque coniugio prima societas est, ex qua cum plures propinqui, cum propagatio et soboles quae rea praetera pudicitia, continentia, castitas, ac pessimorum custodia flagitiorum, suas edea, sua templa, suas arces collocavit.
With: Marc Francois, Marina Hands, Manuel Le Lievre, Jean-Charles Dumay, Guy Trejan, Edea Darcque, Julie Brochen, Armande Altai, William Mesguich, Cecile Richard.
Thereafter Greenberg assigned her rights under the Memorandum of Sale to EDEA 117 Corp.
Squall and his mates are drawn into a war between neighbouring countries, started by the evil sorceress Edea.
FINLAND Edea Aava (Widths): Having, in previous years, tried reggae and country and western, without noticeable success, Finland have cleverly opted this year for a combination of Enya-like dreaminess and Riverdance folkiness.
La provincia de Buenos Aires vendio en US$304 millones el 90% de su distribuidora de electricidad Edea a un consorcio formado por United Utilities (Gran Bretana), Camuzzi (Italia), Loma Negra (Argentina) y Citicorp Holdings (Argentina).