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EDEKAEinkaufsgenossenschaft der Kolonialwarenhändler im Halleschen Torbezirk zu Berlin (German department store chain)
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'The implementation of Cognex's image-based Dataman products over traditional laser-based products allowed Edeka to increase read rates of incoming pallets by up to 8 per cent, reducing pallet re-work and thereby providing a major efficiency increase, while also ensuring all supplier labels are compliant with the GS1 standard,' he said.
PERFECT: Stefan Worm, head of fruit for grocery chain Edeka's north German operations, shows off ripened bananas at a ripening chamber.
EDEKA Aschoff in Kassel, Germany, is deploying GLORY's CI-10 cash recyclers at its cashier operated and self-service checkouts, the company said.
(6) Entre as redes que compoem a organizacao GLOBALG.A.P destacam-se: Carrefour (Franca), Walmart (Estados Unidos), Tesco (Inglaterra), Ahold (Holanda), Edeka (Alemanha), LIDL (Alemanha), Aldi (Alemanha), Asda (Inglaterra), Marks and Spencer (Inglaterra), Rewe (Alemanha).
Companies/Organisations using KonaKart successfully include Volkswagen, Tesco Mobile, Verizon, Sony, Telefonica, Leroy Merlin, Audi, SkyTV, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Sotheby's, Finnair, APTG, COOP, MasterCard, Ooredoo, Fortinet, Selgros, Edeka, Santillana, TruServ, Province of Nova Scotia, The Vatican, Si.mobil, Telecable, Cancer Research, Apollo Global, Open University, University of Adelaide, Tallink, TWE, CAA and many others throughout the world.
Edeka 'Home for Christmas' came out of the category of 'Use of original composition' and our jury felt it was worthy of a second Grand Prix.
Fifteen assets securing the defaulted EUR33.8m Mansford Nord Bayern loan have been sold since the last rating action, leaving seven German retail warehouses, all fully let to EDEKA though on short remaining leases.
Companies Mentioned in this Report: Unilever Plc, Nestle S.A., Mars Incorporated, Roncadin Gmbh, DMK Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH, RandR Ice Cream, Bofrost Diensteistungs Gmbh, General Mills Inc., Edeka, Rewe, Schwarz-Gruppe, Aldi and Metro Group.
Companies Mentioned in this Report: Edeka, Netto Marken-Discount, Rewe, Lidl, Aldi, Johnson and Johnson Gmbh, Combe Incorporated, C.B.
Most Watched Brands: December 2015 New Views Engagement Followers 1 Red Bull 220M 2.4% 440K 2 Lego 189M 0.3% 306K 3 Walmart 120M 1.0 71K 4 Clash of Clans 99M 1.2% 1.7M 5 Angry Birds 73M 0.4% 87K 6 Edeka 56M 0.9% 63K 7 Samsung Mobile 54M 1.3% 174K 8 Coca-Cola 54M 0.3% 1.9M 9 GoPro 53M 2.7% 582K 10 Louis Vuitton 48M 0.2% 654K SOURCE: TUBULAR
Other retailers that have adapted include Edeka in Germany, Tesco in the U.K.
An industry-specific software solution from CSB-System International is helping to deliver high levels of automation and efficiency to ensure optimal process flow at the meat processing factory of Edeka Siidwest Fleisch in Rheinstetten, Germany, enabling production volumes of up to 650 tonnes of high-quality meat and sausages per day to be achieved for 1250 Edeka stores.