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EDEMER (Endoplasmic Reticulum) Degradation Enhancing Alpha-Mannosidase-Like
EDEMEscuela de Empresarios (Spanish: Business School)
EDEMElectronic Democracy (forum)
EDEMEuropean Daily Electricity Market (UK)
EDEMExpectation-Driven Event Monitoring (computing)
EDEMEntreprise Dombiste d'Electricité Modernisée (French electricity company)
EDEMEnterprise Development and Export Market (project; Albania)
EDEMExperts in Discrete Element Modeling
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With EDEM BulkSim, engineering and equipment suppliers can more effectively address the performance challenges of conveyor transfer equipment and reduce risk of unscheduled downtime for mine operators.
Simulation capability is limited by a number of particles and lack of inter-particle data, therefore the several simplifications are introduced and applied for the current DEM simulations performed by EDEM 2.
Under the terms of the agreement, CAEZEN will support and distribute EDEM software to the particle simulation market in India.
Simulation of this process using EDEM involves importing the CAD geometry of the drum and the tablets; the software will accept a range of CAD formats.
Armaments is tasked with promoting cooperative programs while Industry/Market is aimed at organizing the EDEM and promoting competition by opening that market, currently worth some 80 billion [euro].
Creating the EDEM will require an extensive review of procurement policies.
However, one important difference is that EDEM also allows investigators to define automated agents to help in the detection of "critical incidents," thereby lifting some of the burden from users who often do not know when their actions are violating expectations about proper usage [Smilowitz et al.
SGI UV offers the large-scale computing capability required for data-intensive DEM simulation, and like our EDEM Simulation Software, offers a scalable and cost-efficient solution to support the increasing adoption of DEM as a key engineering technology by our blue chip customer base across the many process and manufacturing industries.
EDEM BulkSim software provides an unparalleled capability for transfer point design engineers to virtually test and troubleshoot the performance of conveyor transfer equipment before it is actually manufactured and commissioned.
The same question was posed to a panel of foreign policy experts compiled by EDEM.
Mr Jingyuan Wang, Vice President of the Qingdao Economic and Information Technology Committee, opened the ceremony by saying, "I express my heartfelt congratulations to DEM Solutions and Shandong University of Science and Technology for the establishment of the EDEM Joint Laboratory.