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During T-Mobile's SON evaluation process, Eden Rock's SON solution simultaneously delivered fewer dropped calls, increased throughput, and reduced leakage even as measured across entire markets, which had been previously well optimized.
8220;Our Eden families and community at large have been so very generous over the past 4 years.
And the OpenILL Cooperative's EDEN (Electronic Document Exchange Network) project is focused on building an open source implementation of Web-based document exchange to work in conjunction with its open source interlibrary loan (ILL) management system.
After Eden was born at West Hills Hospital, Stacey quickly encountered a problem common to many new moms: getting the baby to take to breast-feeding.
Eden, a young aspiring poet, a "mapmaker" (2), who wants to become the successor of Hughes and Baldwin, arrives in Paris in September 1986 only to have the decay and squalor of her surroundings becloud her illusions.
The LittleBoard 550 leverages most of the design of the successful LittleBoard 700 SBC, including dual RJ45 Ethernet connectors, AGP 4x graphics, onboard CompactFlash socket, and full PC/104-Plus expansion (PCI and ISA buses), but uses low cost Via Eden processors instead of Intel Pentium III and Celeron processors.
The nonprofit Eden Project, owned by the Eden Trust, is ethically driven but also somewhat commercial--marketing a line of Eden natural body care products, for instance--since it needs revenue to preserve its independence.
The philosophy of the Eden Project evolved over four years.
150), little is known about how the brain supports efficient reading, Eden says.
Kathy Eden asserts that a leading theme of the Adages is Erasmus' desire to share his literary inheritance because "Between friends all is common" (#1).
In many ways, The Wind From Nowhere best exemplifies Micheaux's formulation of the Black Turnerian through Martin Eden, Micheaux's last--and most interesting--construction of himself.