EDERSEuropean DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Education and Research Symposium
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"Mein Gott !" said the Angel of the Odd, apparently much softened at my distress; "mein Gott, te man is eder ferry dronk or ferry zorry.
For example, Eder commends the military, and briefly the State Department's, increased ability to react in a global media environment, and cites, among others, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld addressing the Council on Foreign Relations in 2006 on how the U.S.
While invoking the whole-of-government concept of power, Eder barely sticks a toe outside of her public affairs "silo." The only interagency reference is a short mention of the State Department.
Eder does spill some ink to mention the lack of leadership in strategic communication.
The true "travesty" is that between the May 2008 Heritage report cited by Eder and 2011, there were significant public discussions about a "national security strategy for strategic communication" and significant discussions on strategic communication as it relates specifically to the Defense Department.
"I saw the opportunity while I was at university and realised this was the best time to take advantage of it," said 22year-old Mr Eder, who received funding support from The Prince's Trust.
Mr Eder, who studied business and commerce at university, is now putting his efforts into building the company's brand with a view to extending outside the city