EDESEsthetique de Suisse (French: Aesthetic Switzerland; spa; Switzerland)
EDESEthnikos Dimokratikos Ellinikos Syndesmos (Greek: National Republican Greek League; Greece)
EDESEquipment Definition Evolution Sheet (aviation)
EDESElectrical Designer (DesSoft program)
EDESExecutive Director for Explosives Safety (US DoD)
EDESEcological Design Education Survey (various schools)
EDESElectronic Document Encryption System
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The information in EDES can be stored as text files (primary information entries) and as binary files (attachments).
The EDES Administrator or an eligible user can create a topic outline of any complexity and depth with any number of entries per any topic/sub-topic.
Security is controlled by the EDES Administrator who specifies for each user a username, password and assigned access rights.
EDES also supports a CHAT mode -- real time, interactive discussion -- between users.
Accessing EDES from a remote location does not require any client software except for Telnet capabilities over the Internet.
A short length of the course (8 parts), its review character, a lecture format suitable for e-mail correspondence with simultaneous Telnet access to EDES, direct contact with the course instructor -- all this made it easy to enter the world of distance education.
The ratings of EDEN and EDES incorporate the challenges of operating in Argentina and the relatively high regulatory risk.
EDEN and EDES also benefit from the stable and profitable sales to the residential sector, and by positive demand growth.
EDEN and EDES are electric distribution companies that serve approximately 280,000 and 140,000 customers, respectively, in service areas that comprise the northern and southern portions, respectively, of the province of Buenos Aires.