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EDFAErbium Doped Fiber Amplifier
EDFAEffectifs Départementaux de Fonctionnement Annuel (French: Annual Operating Departmental Numbers)
EDFAEuropean Down and Feather Association (est. 1980)
EDFAEconomic Development Finance Authority (South Dakota)
EDFAElectronic Device Failure Analysis (magazine)
EDFAExtended Deep Femoral Angioplasty
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This fact raises a need to find an alternative solution to conventional EDFAs for all-optical signal amplification.
Es de resaltar que a medida que se analizaron los diferentes casos de estudio de la tolerancia de los formatos de modulacion frente a la CD y el desempeno de estos frente a las tecnicas de compensacion, tambien se variaron diferentes parametros como: longitud de las fibras (SMF-28e+ y DCF), coeficiente de dispersion, potencia de transmision, espaciamiento entre canales, ganancia de los EDFA, entre otros.
En la configuracion en la cual se inyecta Raman a la fibra Se suprimen ambos amplificadores tipo EDFA, lo cual permite la amplificacion en cualquier banda y menor costo, ya que la cantidad de dispositivos implementados en la red se reduce.
The main advantage of the suggested technique is the ability to forecast the PLC of EDFA. The results of the suggested model are quite consistent with the experimental results.
Currently there are optical SOA semiconductor amplifiers, EDFA fibre amplifiers, and amplifiers in the bases of the Raman effect.
Moreover, EDFA gain and component losses are adjusted to maintain -10 dBm power at the receiving photodiodes.
First simulation setup Figure 4 was sorted for the post compensation scenario where the SSMF and DCF lengths were proposed to be 80 km and 13.4 km respectively presented in the Table 3.An erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) and Optical Attenuator were employed to inspect the SPM effect on the SSMF fiber.
The routines enable go/no-go analysis and target EDFA, DFBLD, FP-LD (VCSEL), optical-filter, and LED devices.
(This characteristic is similar to that of EDFA, because both are doped fiber amplifiers).
One of the most usable in the contemporary submarine and long-haul terrestrial networks is the distributed Raman amplifiers (DRAs) used stimulated Raman scattering (SRS) effect, which has many advantages: stimulated Raman amplification can occur in any fiber at any signal wavelength by proper choice of the pump wavelength; the Raman gain process is very fast and the effective noise figure (NF) of DRA is smaller than the one of Erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) and/or the semiconductor optical amplifier [2,3].
EDFA chairman Tarek Tawfik said in a statement on Friday "that despite the exceptional circumstances experienced by Egypt and the region, we are able to hold the annual franchise exhibition in a timely manner and with the participation of 50 exhibitors from Egypt and five foreign countries including the United States, Malaysia, Greece, Italy and Germany."
An erbium doped fiber amplifier (EDFA; 1530-1565 nm, JDS Uniphase Co., USA) was used as the light source.