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EDFAErbium Doped Fiber Amplifier
EDFAEffectifs Départementaux de Fonctionnement Annuel (French: Annual Operating Departmental Numbers)
EDFAEuropean Down and Feather Association (est. 1980)
EDFAEconomic Development Finance Authority (South Dakota)
EDFAElectronic Device Failure Analysis (magazine)
EDFAExtended Deep Femoral Angioplasty
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The main advantage of the suggested technique is the ability to forecast the PLC of EDFA.
This stand-alone unit is redundancy hot swap power module which can mix plug in 110/220VAC and 48VDC bias (package E) and has dedicated digital and analog circuitry for precise control of the EDFA along with alarms and monitors," said Samuel Hu, product manager of FiberStore.
Simulation of EDFA amplifier was done with the help of RSoft Design Group OptSim[TM]software.
As can be seen a gain of 22 dB and NF of less than 6 dB was achieved with a band of 1477-1507 nm, that is in the S-band, using high Thulium concentration of 6000 ppm, compared with 20 ppm of Erbium used in EDFA.
Yossi Boker, RED-C's President & CEO, commented: "Leveraging our proven expertise with EDFA and Raman technology, RED-C now offers a unique suite of solutions for the fiber access market, which is one of the fastest growing segments in optical communications.
Although packaged together in a single module, each EDFA within the module can support full WDM operation including transient suppression, and can be controlled completely separately from the other EDFAs in the module.
As gain elements, EDFAs offer a gain operating wavelength in the low loss 1550 nm window of transmission fiber with a wide bandwidth of 35 nm; high gain (30 dB) and high saturation output power (10 dBm) defined as the 3 dB compressed gain; low noise properties measured (as in electronics) by a noise figure, intrinsically close to the theoretical (3 dB) limit, with a very small contribution of input splicing loss; high speed response (digital signals up to 100 Gbit/s have been used with an EDFA); immunity to crosstalk and distortion (perfect linearity above 100 kHz is preserved in a deeply saturated amplifier); and polarization-insensitive gain.
FA3533M High-powered EDFA - This EDFA is optimized for use in RFoG architectures, providing 16 outputs at 21 dBm.
RED-C), a leading provider of EDFAs, Raman amplifiers and optical monitoring devices for all optical network applications, today announced the launch of the Hybrid Raman-EDFA module, a key enabling technology for 100/40 Gb/s coherent networks.
Production and delivery of racks 2 bidirectional EDFA amplifiers controllable distance.
In addition, the PL-400 contains built-in passive optical filters (multiplexers/demultiplexers) and two EDFA boosters, enabling point-to-point, linear add and drop and ring topologies in both transponder and regenerator modes, the company claims.
DCM-optimized EDFA - These amplifiers are optimized for use with zero-latency DCM modules (such as fiber Bragg gratings) at mid-stage, instead of high latency dispersion compensating fiber (DCF).