EDFMTCEnhanced Defense Financial Management Training Course (US Army)
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As such, the student guides used in the EDFMTC and Acquisition Business Management courses are available for purchase through the ASMC website.
PGR: "The EDFMTC was recently mapped to the DoD FM Certification Program and is reflected in the Defense Learning Management System.
It will take you through the EDFMTC text a number of times before encouraging you to attempt each of the three examination modules in order.
In speaking with EDFMTC attendees in the past, I've understood that course attendance alone is not always sufficient to pass these examinations; neither will on-the-job experience alone accomplish that goal.
To ensure that all EDFMTC enrollees have a similar learning experience, faculty members are required to teach from a standard set of ASMC-developed materials.
Once each year, EDFMTC faculty members convene in the Washington, D.
When ASMC developed the EDFMTC, we invited ACE to evaluate the course, and the team not only recommended college credit but was very complimentary.
To make sure that materials in both the Certified Defense Financial Manager (CDFM) examination and the text used to teach the EDFMTC are current, a rigorous update schedule is followed.
Your comments will guide us in the next revision of the EDFMTC and will help make the course better for those who rake it after you.
Editor's Note: ASMC has been working with an e-learning company to repackage the Enhanced Defense Financial Manager Training Course (EDFMTC) into an Internet-based learning tool for those who are unable to attend the on-site EDFMTC session.
For example, if the reviewing team of subject-matter experts finds that the material in the EDFMTC is sufficiently comprehensive to be equivalent to a college-level course, it will award credits in an amount to be determined by ACE.