EDFSSchweinfurt Sud (airport code; Germany)
EDFSEconomic Development Finance Service (National Association of Development Organizations)
EDFSExtended Depth-First-Search (wireless networking algorithm)
EDFSElectronic Departure from Specifications
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Since in the traditional LPEC design, only one side of the inductor interacts inductively with an armature, a significant part of the magnetic field from the opposite side of the inductor is scattered into the surrounding space, adversely affecting closely located electronic and biological objects, and is not used to create additional EDFs.
Our ambition is to become SunCultures partner of reference in their expansion beyond Kenya, especially in countries where we already have a strong footprint, said Marianne Laigneau, the senior executive vice-president in charge of the international division at EDF.EDFs investment will finance SunCultures plans to scale up and reach millions of farmers as it brings much more than just money, such as shared philosophies and commitment to work closely and cooperatively together, access to deep knowhow within EDF, and the opening to their extensive contact networks, which will significantly increase the success of SunCulture, added Andrew Reicher, SunCultures board chair.
In order to make this procedure less tedious, one may abbreviate the processing time by early stopping the training routine or reducing the number of classes (postures), which is applicable to EDFS control approaches.
According to Moody's Analytics, the current average EDF measure for publicly traded non-financial companies in western Europe is 5%, and based on the most likely expected economic scenario, will rise to 6.5% by the end of 2014.
The landscape looks like this: EDF is planning four new reactors at Sizewell in Suffolk and Hinkley Point in Somerset, and is likely to develop others on former British Energy sites it owns, using technology from fellow French company Areva.
Lome IV was signed for a ten year period and it included two five year financial protocols based on 7th and 8th EDFs. Lome IV was signed by 68 ACP and 12 EC member states.
Details: Astro-Physics 130 EDFS refractor, SBIG STL-11000M CCD camera.
Gunther, Levonian, and Moore (2001), meanwhile, observed in-sample improvement in model fit when estimated default frequencies (EDFs, as produced by Moody's KMV) were included in an econometric model designed to predict holding company supervisory ratings with accounting data.
Manufacturer Astro-Physics Model Traveler EDFS Price (US$) $4,140 ** (incl $660 mount) Mount Tele Vue Gibraltar Optics type apochromat Aperture 105 mm Focal length f/ratio 610 mm f/5.8 Finder none Mount type altazimuth Motor drive no Computerized "Go To" no Manufacturer Teleport JMI Model 10" f/5 NGT-12.5 Price (US$) $4,500 * $4,900 Mount included included Optics type Newtonian Newtonian Aperture 254 mm 318 mm Focal length f/ratio 1,270 mm f/5 1,429 mm f/4.5 Finder unit-power 9x 50 Mount type Dobsonian Dobsonian Motor drive no yes Computerized "Go To" no no Also available: 7" f/5.6 for $3,800.
RWE has the highest emissions in Europe, totalling 2/3 more than Italys Enel in second place, followed closely by Vattenfall, E.ON, Endesa and EDF. EDFs carbon factor has increased 47% as a result of acquisitions, but also due to increased fossil fuel based generation in France (4 millions tonnes of CO2 more in 2002 than in 2001).