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EDIDExtended Display Identification Data
EDIDExternal Display Identification Data
EDIDEuropean Depression in Diabetes Research Consortium (est. 2001)
EDIDÉlectronique Dépannage Informatique a Votre Domicile (French computer repair company)
EDIDEndothelial-Derived Inhibitor of LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) Degradation
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In order to allow EDID and HDCP monitors and computers to function flawlessly with KVM switches, ATEN developed a new technology known as Video DynaSync.
How do KVM switches without Video DynaSync function with EDID and HDCP ?
Some systems try to fix this problem by sending the computers arbitrary (default) monitor resolution data so they will boot up as if they had the monitor EDID, but without the correct EDID this approach will yield less-than-optimum resolution.