EDIEElectronic Deposit Insurance Estimator (FDIC)
EDIEEnvironmental Data Interactive Exchange
EDIEEvidence-Based Decision-Making in Education
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The actress has railed against the pressure on new mums and wrote about "the vomit, the blood, the stitches" as she went into labour with Edie.
Four-year-old Edie was diagnosed with a rare terminal brain tumour in November last year.
Schaumburg for the third consecutive year has won an Edie Award from the Illinois Chamber of Commerce for outstanding economic development, officials announced this week.
John will fly out on Saturday for a brief one day trip to visit Edie and her family and run a marathon in the blistering Aztec heat.
Edie Windsor knew what it was to be a second-class citizen and she didn't want that for anyone else.
Baby Edie was born at 8.08am weighing 580 grams (1.2lb) just 23 weeks and four days into Nicola's pregnancy.
Eighteen years later, an 81-year-old Edie sought legal help, after the I.R.S charged her $363,053 in estate taxes when Thea passed away, enen though they'd been legally wed in Canada.
"We are so very grateful to Edie for being a trailblazer and establishing the first Endowed Attorney Chair at Legal Services," said LSGM Executive Director Marcia Cypen.
Edie's own mother, Andula, was a pencil-thin woman who suffered a nutritional condition that thinned her pale hair to patchy baldness, adding to Edie's impression of her evaporation from family life.
As Edie's longing for Patrick grows, her desire to share more of her time and body with Sylvia reaches new heights.
It was part of a competition to mark National Grandparents Day, and alongside the title, Edie and her family were able to enjoy a Sunday dinner together.