EDILElectronic Dictionary of the Irish Language (Ireland)
EDILElectronic Document Interchange Between Libraries
EDILElectronic Document Interchange between Libraries (France)
EDILExpertises et Diagnostics Immobiliers (French Real Estate Diagnostics and Expertise)
EDILEspace de Développement de l'Imagerie Ludique (French: Development of Playful Space Imaging)
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'I asked my wife Marian and found out that she loves Korean sheet masks, too,' Edil said.
The same data and signals were collected for the simulation and the EDIL tests, they were then plotted for data comparison.
Hace apenas unos dias, tras realizar una huelga de hambre, el controvertido edil retomo la alcaldia luego de ganar una nueva suspension provisional dentro de la controversia constitucional 251/2016, con la cual queda suspendido el procedimiento de juicio politico que definio el Congreso del Estado el pasado 15 de diciembre.
Empresarios del lugar senalaron que el edil presumia de gozar de la proteccion del lider estatal del PRD, Cesar Espinosa y de otros grupos al interior del partido e, incluso, anuncio las siguientes alcaldias que detentarian el y su gente.
They are definitely attested in works contained in manuscripts from the Early Modern period; however, one can not tell with certainty if any of those forms had existed in the Middle Irish period, perhaps with the exception of admail and tecmail (see O Cmv, 1980: 131-132 and the examples cited in eDIL under the entries for these two verbal nouns).
MP Tursunbai Bakir uulu (Ar-Namys faction) believes that the NGO of Edil Baisalov and Tolekan Ismailova threaten the national security of Kyrgyzstan.
Founded in February 2014 by CPA Edil Sanchez-Gonzalez of the Carrion Nevarez LLC law firm and CPA Jose Torres, from Accounting Training Center, Luca Center is the first service of its kind in Puerto Rico to provide a one-stop online information, research, networking, support and consultation tool for CPAs and non-CPAs working in different accounting disciplines.
Edil Gonzaga, Piston-Transmission secretary general, said the strike would start at midnight on November 12 and will end 24 hours later.
Hosseini travelled to the city in a bid to visit Edil Levante Abitare Exhibitio.
"We hope that the situation will stabilize, but it needs patience," said Edil Baisalov, a senior interim government official.
El edil tambien dijo que la alcaldia adelanta otras iniciativas para estimular la economia local y proximamente anunciara una nueva colaboracion con Mexico.
CDA officials told contract for designing and supervision of zero point interchange was awarded to EDIL company in December, 2006 while Karachi Shershah bridge collapse incident had occurred in September, 2007.