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EDJÉchange de Jeux (French: Game Exchange)
EDJEconomic Development Journal (International Economic Development Council)
EDJEnamel Dentine Junction (dentistry)
EDJExpression Développement Jeunesse (French: Youth Expression Development)
EDJEpidermal-Dermal Junction (dermatology)
EDJÉquipe Départementale Jeunes (French: Departmental Youth Team)
EDJEmily Dickinson Journal
EDJL'Ecole du Journalisme (French: School of Journalism; Nice, France)
EDJEverydayJunglist (web community)
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Esa misma jurisprudencia antes citada explicita los casos en que no existe plagio: de una parte, por no haber confusion "con todo aquello que es comun e integra el acervo cultural generalizado o con los datos que las ciencias aportan para el acceso y conocimiento por todos" (STS 28 de enero de 1995, EDJ 1995/361); y de otra porque el contenido de las obras "esta anticipado y al alcance de todos", como son los datos que constan "en registros fiscales, laborales, mercantiles o en las guias publicadas por Telefonica" (STS 17 octubre 1997, EDJ 1997/7670).
In the study, Chelala calculates that customers of EDJ -- the concession distributing EDL-generated electricity in the Jbeil region -- receive 30 amps and, with a generator subscription for 10 amps, pay on average $150 per month.
A short explanation in the EDJ from each student on his or her contributions may be helpful, as these may take place outside of class or otherwise be difficult to see in a busy classroom or lab.
(Edj. Etologia, psicologia comparada y comportamiento animal.
This point was addressed in a recent article by eDJ Group contributor Michael Simon, an e-discovery consultant for Seventh Samurai.
(2008) Australian Immunisation Handbook (9th Edj.www.health.gov.au/internet/immunise/publishing.nsf/Content/ Handbook-home.
Cabe recordar que este alto Tribunal en sentencia, entre otras de la Sala 2a de 22-8-2008 (EDJ 2008/172272), senala que el <<derecho a la tutela judicial efectiva solo se satisface si se produce una investigacion judicial efectiva y suficiente ...>>.
Approximal caries: prevalence and progression rate in young Danish adults and an innovative non-operative approach for lesions around the EDJ [Monografia Ph.
BUBBLY PHOENIX Brokepr ettyw ellfromtrapsixandshow edj ust enough e arly to e nable him to c lear fast-up sprinterY ou MindM eattheturnby cutting acrosshim.
Now a recently released study by the eDJ Group shows that many law firms are interested in pursuing or increasing TAR use, specifically predictive coding.
"The discussion around the disagreement about the approaches and the best way to put the technology to use is an important one," says Mikki Tomlinson, director of the strategic consulting services division for EDJ Group.