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EDLEnglish Defence League (est. 2009; UK)
EDLEdit Decision List (video production)
EDLElectronic Differential Lock (automotive)
EDLEnhanced Driver's License (driver's license and border-crossing identification)
EDLExtensor Digitorum Longus
EDLElectronic Document Library
EDLEvery Day Life (band)
EDLElectricite du Laos (Vientiane, Laos)
EDLElectron Device Letters (IEEE journal)
EDLEssential Drugs List
EDLÉlectricité du Liban
EDLEMC Disk Library
EDLEntry Descent Landing (NASA)
EDLEthiopian Democratic League (political group)
EDLEvent Definition Language
EDLEstimated Detection Limit
EDLEvent Driven Language
EDLEmissaries of Divine Light
EDLEmail Distribution List (various organizations)
EDLEducational Development Laboratories
EDLEquipment Density List
EDLEngineering Development Lab
EDLEnterprise Definition Language
EDLEngineering Data List
EDLEconomic Discard Limit
EDLEquivalent Double Layer
EDLElectronic Defense Laboratories
EDLEngineering Design Lab (various universities)
EDLElectronic Delay Line
EDLElectrical Discharge Laser
EDLElectronic Driver License Project
EDLEngineering Drawing List
EDLEnd Degrading Link
EDLEngineering Document Library
EDLElectricité de Laufenbourg (French; electricity company; Laufenburg, Switzerland)
EDLExpected Description Length (coding scheme)
EDLEconomic Disposal Limit
EDLEquipment Deficiency Logs
EDLEssential Drawing List
EDLEnhanced Data Link
EDLExotic Disease Laboratory
EDLEuropean Distribution Lawyers (Spezialanwälte für Vertragshändlerrecht)
EDLEnigma Development Language
EDLEthernet Data Link
EDLEthnomathematics Digital Library (Pacific Resources for Education and Learning)
EDLElectronic Discussion List
EDLEntitlements Destroy Lives (website)
EDLEuropean Day of Languages (EU)
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Northumbria Police has always tried to facilitate peaceful protest and has worked with the EDL in the past to agree suitable routes for them to march and protest.
I'm also aware that similar abuse has been thrown at our local MP, Grahame Morris, who joined the anti-protest to demonstrate to the EDL that they were not welcome.
The EDL will meet at the Oak Inn pub, in Green Lane, and will be chaperoned by police to the protest site outside the art gallery, in Gallery Square.
Ray Laidlaw later reported: "As soon as I was alerted to the EDL scam I contacted Universal Music Publishing who own the copyright to Run For Home.
22 per kilowatt although EDL sells it to citizens below $0.
The media call EDL an extremist group when, in fact, I think they are a far right group.
The EDL brand continues to experience exceptional notoriety as a result of the top-tier work of our entire staff, inclusive of our MVPs.
Any left-wing organisation in the North East should expect a visit from the EDL if this happens again.
The EDL previously held big demonstrations in Dewsbury, in 2011 and 2012.
Certainly, those who were marching to express their belief in Middlesbrough and its wonderful ethnic and cultural diversity, felt safe in the knowledge that they were being well protected from any malcontents from the EDL by an excellent group of dedicated police officers.
Those engaged in such reprehensible conduct paid little regard to what they were doing or who they were attacking, as during their orgy of violence, a number of their own EDL stewards, as well as police officers, were seriously injured.
A Quilliam spokesman insisted Robinson remained the right person to reach out to rank-and-file EDL supporters, even after admitting mortgage fraud.