EDLIEmployees Deposit Linked Insurance (India death payment scheme)
EDLIEndogenous Digoxin-Like Immunoreactivity (cardiology)
EDLIElectronic Drum Level Indicator (Levelstate Systems Ltd.)
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What really surprised me was the reaction of the audience to the Castle and Beach study results" related to sexual abuse, DeLiema says of EDLI participants.
Or perhaps the EDLI survey-takers hesitated to respond honestly to the question, even though they were submitting their answers electronically and anonymously during the EDLI session.
6,02,000/ - per employee (Flat Coverage) for death coverage of total 8540 (Tentative) persons consisting of Employees and Part Time Sweeper s in line with Employees Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme 1976 under Employees Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 195 2 ie a Group Insurance Policy in lieu of EDLI 1976 for a period of one year ,starting from 01/08/201 6 and ending on 31/07/201 7
Mainly, the proposal has provision for voluntary retention of EDLI membership to subscribers at reduced rate of contribution for three years after losing job.
The Sub Committees on Contract Workers, Pension and EDLI Implementation Committee, Finance, Investment and Audit Committee of CBT, EPF were also reconstituted.