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EDMAEuropean Diagnostic Manufacturers Association
EDMAEnhanced Direct Memory Access
EDMAEuropean Direct Marketing Association
EDMAEntorno de Desarrollo Modular y Abierto (Spanish: Modular and Open Development Environment)
EDMAErika Duncan Modeling Agency (San Antonio, TX)
EDMAEngineering Data Management Agency
EDMAEntraide Dynamique en Milieu Associatif (French: Rural Mutual Associative Dynamics)
EDMAEthylene Glycodimethacrylate
EDMAEngineering Drawing Maintenance Activity
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Pre-polymerization mixture formulation used to screen MIP microspheres of CAP Run MIP/NIP CAP MAA Acrylamide 4-VP EDMA AIBN No.
Las EDMA estan pensadas para detectar las distintas tipologias de malos tratos domesticos definidas por el NCEA, con dos excepciones: la que acabamos de hacer en el caso de la negligencia y los casos de abuso sexual.
Los hiridos de maiz dulce (su) identificados como 2038, 2010, 2004 y el Bonanza, usado como patron, fueron suministrados por la EDMA, provenientes de una siembra semi-comercial ubicada en la localidad de San Joaquin, estado Carabobo, Venezuela.
1,6-HDDMA: 1,6-hexanediol dimethacrylate (both of these methacrylates are more soluble in EPDM than EDMA and TMPT).
The members of Eucomed represent the in-vitro diagnostics industry, while those of EDMA represent the medical technology industry in Europe.
4 mg AIM were mixed with MAA and EDMA and then the mixture was dissolved in THF in the presence of PS (40 mg/m1) or other porogens, in a 10-ml glass ampoule.
EDMA and Eucomed will remain organised as two separate and distinct legal entities.
All of the authors are also grateful for the constructive discussions with the project members from the in vitro diagnostics industry, representing EDMA and AdvaMed.
DMA were catalysts for action along with Jacques Bouche and Pieter de Jong of EDMA.
EDMA determines the loci and magnitude of sexual dimorphism in P.
If this year's EDMA Forum in Brussels is any yardstick then the growth and vitality of direct marketing in Europe continues apace.
EDMA Europe was created to represent the interests of companies whose primary business is the operation of regulated electronic fixed income trading venues in Europe.