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EDMEDEuropean Directory of Marine Environmental Data
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It can be observed that EDMed surface (Figure 13(a)) has thicker and irregular white layers when compared with PMEDMed surface (Figure 13(b)).
Liverpool - Scott goal, Jackson and Done, backs, Morrison, Davidson, and Bromilow, half-backs, Edmed, Hodgson, Whitehurst, McDougall, and Hopkins, forwards.
F Edmed & Sons play a key role in supply chain communications.
GAME ON: Players Ben Spalding (left) and Stuart Edmed planned to use the pounds 1,750 sponsorship money to fund an Easter tour and new strips.
Edmed, just back after a neck operation, could be out for up to eight weeks with ligament damage sustained in a friendly against Castleford.
Areas (patches) to be EDMed are marked on the model.
But Scott Edmed (4-18) and young Leering (2-13) then whipped out the cream of the Sully batting, including Mike Powell for a duck, leaving them tottering on 72-6.
Biochemistry Gabriel Nicolas Aughey Robert Charles Beer Timothy Blake Hannah Rebecca Brunsdon Melanie Buckley Guy Robert James Coleman Fay Alicia Cooper Emma Louise Cope Kelly Crocker Scott James Edmed Sarah Louise Edwards George Faithfull Sarah Victoria Faull James Alexander Goodwin Peter Gwynne Lisa Marie Halliwell Nadiatul Hanna Bte Hj Zulkifli Abigail Victoria Sophia Johnson Sarah Kathryn Joyce Christopher Keeble Anthony Lee Knight Gurdeep Kooner David Lang Kimberley Jayne Mclaren Nicholas Anthony McNally Caroline Morris Liliana Ordonez Zoe Passariello Rosalind Frances Roberts Nuramalina Binti Sawal Nicola Jayne Seaward Rhodri Gareth Thomas Kelly Jane Warner Gemma Claire Wildsmith Angharad Sarah Williams Christopher David Wright
The thermo-physical characteristics of main components of steels, Fe[alpha] and [Fe.sub.3]C most frequently EDMed, whose dimensions are comparable with crater dimensions produced by discharges, were entry data for FEM.
Many features had to be EDMed because the slots were thin and shallow and a regular wheel would just break off.