EDMOOberpfaffenhofen (airport code; Germany)
EDMOEuropean Directory of Marine Organisations (database)
EDMOEmpty Dwelling Management Order (UK)
EDMOInternational Symposium on Electron Devices for Microwave and Optoelectronic Applications (IEEE)
EDMOInternational Symposium on Electron Devices for Microwave and Optoelectronic Applications (IEEE International Symposium)
EDMOEnterprise Data Management Office
EDMOEngineering Data Management Office
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However, the owner appealed this decision twice so the council was not able to enforce the EDMO until June 2013.
On initial unit contact, LOGSA EDMO will request STAMIS backup so they can survey the unit and begin providing data validation reports.
Knowsley Council got an EDMO on a similar property in June 2011 without any problems.
An EDMO allows a local authority to step into the shoes of the owner of a dwelling.
The newest and largest capacity earthmover tyre changer is the EDMO 300T Tyre Press, which has been commissioned in Australian coal mines and the new Collahuasi mine in Chile, amongst others.
Although units are responsible for correcting erroneous data, both the EDMO and the GCSS--Army fielding team will assist them in the correction process.
The remaining two orders were challenged by the owners, who claimed exemptions against the EDMO process.
Initially, discussions will take place with the owner to encourage its renovation but if not successful, the council can make a final EDMO and take steps to ensure it is occupied for up to seven years before returning it to the owner.
Along with almost every local authority, Birmingham has not yet completed an EDMO as the process has proved more difficult in practice than has been anticipated," Mr Smith told councillors.
Regarding his fear of possessions being "stolen", the responsibility of looking after any contents of a property where an EDMO has been served, is given to the council.
The details of the EDMO were published on the internet on July 11.
Unlike compulsory purchase, an EDMO will only give the council temporary management rights - allowing a house to revert to its original owner.