EDMPVilsbiburg (airport code; Germany)
EDMPÉlaboration et Diffusion de Matériel Pédagogique (French: Development and Dissemination of Educational Materials)
EDMPExperiment Data Management Plan
EDMPEngineering Drawing Management Program (NAVSEA)
EDMPEarnings Determine Market Price (finance)
EDMPECS Data Management Plan
EDMPEasy Data Management Platform
EDMPEntreprise de Manutention et Prestations (French: Business and Handling Services)
EDMPEnvironmental Degradation Management Plan
EDMPExtended Day Math Program
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The intake of any EDMP food choices was significantly higher at baseline for the intervention group compared to the control group.
This HPS approach intervention significantly reduced the consumption of EDMP food choices.
Schools also became aware of the high rates of EDMP intakes and addressed this issue as a priority.
9 EDMP (c) food choice Reported intake of any EDMP 17.
Twenty-two percent of children reported consuming at least one EDMP choice for breakfast on the day of the survey.
There was no association between reporting a high FGS (> 3), socio-economic status or location of school and the intake of any EDMP items.
The majority of items purchased by students were EDMP items, in particular confectionery and soft drinks (Figure 3).
Neither the intake of any EDMP choice nor the FGS (high vs low) was significantly associated with who prepared breakfast.
The finding that consuming breakfast cereal or a breakfast with a high Food Group Score was not protective against the intake of EDMP items is important in relation to proposed interventions.
Our study found that 22% of children reported choosing one or more EDMP items for breakfast on the day of the survey.