EDMRElectrically Detected Magnetic Resonance
EDMRElectronic Discharge Monitoring Report
EDMREuropean Drives & Motor Repairs Ltd (UK)
EDMREngineering Deficiency Maintenance Report
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Later chapters offer empirical findings and practical examples in areas such as affective neuroscience, healing trauma and creating secure attachments through EDMR, clinical and neurobiological perspectives of the brain in PTSD, and facilitating mindfulness in abused and neglected children.
In recent times, Team Rewinds has had to sub-contract some of its work to EDMR, a company based in Northampton, because its own equipment and facilities could not service the increasingly sophisticated motors at the heart of high-end robotic machinery being used in several North-East manufacturing centres.
But now the company has been chosen by EDMR as their chosen motor repair provider in the North-East, an agreement which will allow Team Rewinds to expand its client base and capabilities.