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EDNOEndothelium Derived Nitric Oxide
EDNONordlingen (airport code; Germany)
EDNOEntente de Développement du Nord de l'Ontario (French: Northern Ontario Development Agreement; Ontario, Canada)
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To further assess the involvement of EDNO and prostacyclin ([PGI.sub.2]) releases, relaxations of aortic rings were performed in WOS, WMOS, and losartan groups preincubated for 30 minutes with L-NAME (100 [micro]M), a nonspecific NO synthase inhibitor, and indomethacin (10 [micro]M), a nonselective cyclooxygenase inhibitor, respectively.
To assess the contribution of EDNO, the aortic rings were preincubated with L-NAME (100 [micro]M), a NO synthase inhibitor for 30 minutes.
According to "EDNO", organizing such an event costs more than BGN 100 000.
"Kolektivnoto trudovo dogovarjane: sastojanie i problemi, videni prez edno sotziologichesko izsledvane" ("Collective Bargaining: Trends and Problems Revealed by One Sociological Survey").
La chanson \s?Angeli \s?\ [\s?\ Anges \s?\] exprime cette \s?\ non-reconnaissance \s?dans le monde corporel : Prez sintetichnata A travers l'amour synthetique lyubov doyde est venue edno momiche sas Une fille aux jambes reklamen krak publicitaires Vidqh v otvorenite y Et dans ses genoux ouverts do bolka kolene douloureusement, j'ai vu zhivota v koyto az ne byah.
The one is marked for Llyn Edno. Take the other one.
Edno rodopsko selo v razkazi i obrazi [The People From the Mountains: A Rhodopa Village in Stories and Images].
For more information on events, visit edno.bg/en/sofiadanceweek.
The exhibition will also feature a documentary survey of Bulgarian every-day life, Sofia Architecture Week organisers from Bulgarian lifestyle magazine Edno said.
The attempt to question that habit emanates from Edno magazine, part of its quixotic efforts in recent years to add a breath of fresh air to Bulgaria's culture scene.
Neshev studied graphic design in Dusseldorf and is the author of Visual Cut Bulgaria, a book about 23 Bulgarian designers reflecting on the landscape of visual communication in Bulgaria; Stoikova studied at the Verkplaats Typografie in The Netherlands; and Iliev is a graduate of the Rietveld Academy and the art director of Edno magazine.