EDNPPfarrkirchen (airport code; Germany)
EDNPEarth Day Network Philippines
EDNPEn Direct de Notre Passé (French: Direct from Our Past)
EDNPEpiscopal Diocese of Northern Philippines
EDNPEnergy-Dense, Nutrient-Poor
EDNPEye Drops New Platform (clinical trial)
EDNPEducation Dairy and Nutrition Programme (various organizations)
EDNPEarn Dollars Not Pennies (blog)
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Besides, we find that the network lifetime can be improved by several times (2-5 times) with UDNP, compared with EDNP. Meanwhile, the network lifetime can be improved by more than 30% with URNP, compared with ERNP; (3) Different from previous research, this paper gives the optimization equations and their solvable conditions by the strict mathematics, which have good theoretical significance.
Significantly, this public-broadcaster 'safe-haven', now extended as a destination by the inception of ABC3, is celebrated as one prong of the government's response to the perceived threat of EDNP food advertising.
(ACMA, 2007a: section 1.1.4) 'Command and control' regulatory interventions, such as a ban on EDNP food advertising, are an unlikely result of such a whole-of-government approach.
It more coyly skirts the issue of the economic logic that links promotion of EDNP foods to children to that very affordability.
Popular children's magazines (print) are linked to subscription television channels such as Nickelodeon and Disney, and these not only heavily promote EDNP foods (Centre for Health Initiatives, 2007; Schor, 2004; Kelly et al., 2007) but are also central to the cross-promotional strategy.
More recently, DOHA's response to the National Preventative Health Taskforce's recommendation (5.1) to 'phase out the marketing of EDNP food and beverage products on flee-to-air and pay TV before 9.00 p.m.