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EDNRBEndothelin Receptor Type B
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5) later demonstrated a high concordance between postbiopsy and post-DRE urinary samples for methylation of GSTP1, APC, and EDNRB.
WS type 1 and 3 have been associated with mutations in the PAX3 gene; WS type 2 with the MITF gene; and WS type 4 with the EDNRB and EDN3 genes.
CACNA1D, EDNRA, KCNG2, NR3C2, PDE4D, ACE, ADRA1B, ADRB3, KCNJ11, ADRAJD Cardiac dilation Imipramine EPO, NOS1 Pulmonary hypertension EtOH-Fr EDNRB, FTGER3, PDE5A Pulmonary hypertension Imipramine EPO, EDNRB, FLT3, ABL1, EDNRA, ADRA1B, ADRB3, ADRA1D Increased levels of alkaline EtOH-Fr VEGFA phosphatase Bold indicate that these genes are prevalent in several disease clusters.