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EDNRBEndothelin Receptor Type B
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revealed the link between EDN1 (rs1800542 and rs10478723) and EDNRB (rs4885493 and rs10507875) SNPs and increased risk of ischemic stroke development in Caucasian but not in African-American women [32].
They say the study is the first to outline the link between EdnrB and Wnt signaling, confirming that EdnrB coordinates the rapid reproduction of melanocyte stem cells.
Scientists found that stimulating one of the pathways, EdnrB, boosted pigment production in in the stem cells, causing 'hyperpigmentation'.
Key words: Endothelin-ss-receptor gene, EDNRB, Waardenburg syndrome, penetrance.
Prognostic value of CpG island hypermethylation at PTGS2, RAR-beta, EDNRB, and other gene loci in patients undergoing radical prostatectomy.
Zhang et al., "EDNRB and DCC salivary rinse hypermethylation has a similar performance as expert clinical examination in discrimination of oral cancer/ dysplasia versus benign lesions," Clinical Cancer Research, vol.
Since null mutations in the genes encoding endothelin-3-endothelin receptor B (EDNRB) are responsible for a subset of HSCR patients [103], Fattahi et al.
The same group, (110) using quantitative MSP at 17 candidate gene promoters, found 5 loci that were associated with progression (RASSF1A, E-cadherin, TNFSR25, EDNRB, and APC).
CACNA1D, EDNRA, KCNG2, NR3C2, PDE4D, ACE, ADRA1B, ADRB3, KCNJ11, ADRAJD Cardiac dilation Imipramine EPO, NOS1 Pulmonary hypertension EtOH-Fr EDNRB, FTGER3, PDE5A Pulmonary hypertension Imipramine EPO, EDNRB, FLT3, ABL1, EDNRA, ADRA1B, ADRB3, ADRA1D Increased levels of alkaline EtOH-Fr VEGFA phosphatase Bold indicate that these genes are prevalent in several disease clusters.
More recently gene mapping analysis in river buffalo revealed that the closest genes spanning fragile sites are RASA1, CAST, NPR3, C9, OarCP09, PLP and BTK and EDNRB. Any mutations of these genes result in severe phenotypic malformations, immunodeficiency and meat quality in different species (Nicodemo et al., 2007).
Using previously described primers and conditions (13), we screened all exons of the RET, GDNF, endothelin 3 (EDN3), and endothelin receptor B (EDNRB) genes, including intron/exon boundaries, for mutations and polymorphisms in all family members.
Examples given in Table 2 include cytochrome P450 1b1 (Cyp1b1), phosphodiesterase 4B (Pde4b), Cyp4a10, and endothelin receptor (Ednrb).