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EDO RAMExtended Data Out Random Access Memory
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The new Sony PCV-100 and PCV-120 models will include Intel 166- or 200-MHz Pentium processors with MMX technology, 2.5- or 3.8-GB hard drives, 33.6-Kbps DSVD modems, 16x (maximum performance) CD-ROM drives, S-Video and Composite Video out, 32-MB EDO RAM (expandable to 128 MB), and ATI Rage II 3-D graphics chips.
* Mid-tower case * 150 MHz Pentium * Intel 430 HX PCI chipset * 16 MB EDO RAM; 512 K Cache * 2 GB 10 ms EIDE hard drive * STB Powergraph o Video/2 MB EDO RAM * 17-inch .26 mm dot pitch MAG monitor * 3.5 inch 1.44 MB floppy drive * 28.8 fax/modem * Toshiba 6x CD-ROM drive * 16-bit sound card and speakers * Windows 95, Microsoft Plus, mouse, software * Cost: $2,449
The SENS Pro 521 notebook, retail price $2,699, is a 133MHz Pentium-based system with 16MB of EDO RAM, a 1.44GB hard drive and 10X-speed CD-ROM drive.
The top-selling multimedia package for home use at Comet Stores is the impressive AST 7302 which incorporates 8-speed CD-ROM, 120MHz Intel Pentium processor and 16Mb of EDO RAM - that's enough power to run full-quality graphics, powerful games programmes and a sound-blaster card which gives excellent surround stereo.