EDO-RAMExtended Data Out Random Access Memory
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Choose from the entry level WINNER 3000-S with 2MB of single-cycle EDO-RAM for resolutions of 1280X1024 with 256 colors, or the standard WINNER 3000-M with 2MB of high-performance VRAM and 2 MB EDO-RAM for resolutions up to 1600X1280 and 256 colors, or the advanced WINNER 3000-L with 4MB of high-performance VRAM and 2 MB EDO-RAM for 32,768 colors or an incredible 1600X1280 or 16.
1x/NT, Windows 95 (except WINNER 3000-S) 2D/3D accelerators: S3 ViRGE (WINNER 3000-S) or S3 ViRGE/VX (WINNER 3000-M and -L) Display memory: WINNER 3000-S: 2 MB EDO-RAM, WINNER 3000-M: 2/2 VRAM/EDO-RAM, WINNER 3000-L: 4/2 VRAM/EDO-RAM Feature Connector: Scenic Highway and VESA 2.
WINNER 3000-S WINNER 3000-M 2MB EDO-RAM 2 MB VRAM + 2 MB EDO-RAM Resolution Colors Hz (max.
The GLoria -L will be available in the fourth quarter through qualified resellers and system integrators and with an MSRP of $2999 for 8MB VRAM/8MB EDO-RAM.