EDoFExtended Depth of Field (cameras)
EDoFExtended Depth of Focus
EDoFEffective Degrees of Freedom
EDoFEmergency Department of the Future (est. 1991; American College of Emergency Physicians)
EDoFEquivalent Degrees of Freedom
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We have experimented with our EDOF designs and have found that they reduce the rate of progression in children.
Jaweed Sabir vice president, Zawar Mohammad General secretary, Mukhtyar Gul, Ajmir Khan Amir Nawas, Tahsinullah and other office bearers accused that EDOF Dilshad Begum is receiving bribe and gifts on transfer of female teachers.
They are demanding the immediate transfer of the EDOF.
Movidius said its MA1178 ISP and video processor chip has been combined with Toshiba's 8 Megapixel EDOF (extended depth of field) cameras, allowing 3D camera module manufacturers to provide a compelling 3D imaging solution suitable for top of the range smartphones.
The combination of Toshiba 8 Megapixel EDOF cameras and the Movidius MA1178 offers a system solution that allows users to implement a symmetric or asymmetric set up of either two 8 Megapixel EDOF cameras or a combination of 8 and 3 Megapixel EDOF cameras, the company added.