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EDOMElectronic Dissolution of Memory (conspiracy theory)
EDOMEsquema de Ordenamiento Metropolitano (Spanish: Scheme of Metropolitan Ordering; Guatemala)
EDOMEngineering Data Management Officer
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Founded in July 1996 and headquartered in Taipei, EDOM Technology is Asia's best distribution and solutions provider.
Violence has a history, and Schnur utilises that history; through this web of allusions, he invokes the violence of Edom against Jacob, the violence of anti-Semitic hostilities explored in Heine's poetry, and the Holocaust.
He describes the way that the biblical authors justified Jacob's behavior, by the reinterpretation of Jacob's name (and its alternative, Jeshurun) in Genesis and elsewhere, and by the attitudes toward Edom in the prophetic literature that seem to be explicitly interpreting Genesis.
terminator: Aeria, Candor-Ophir, Chryse-Xanthe, Cydonia, Eden, Edom, Hellas (sw; especially on the W.
Poe spends the majority of his review of Stephens's 450 page travelogue on a topic that shapes the heart of Stephens's narrative, the biblical prophecies that Idumea would remain desolate because of the sins of the people of Edom, and Stephens's contention that he had risked divine retribution by traversing Idumea.
Contrasted to the judgment of Edom (Isa 34), restoration for Israel entails both personal and universal outcomes.
Here he provides a creative interpretation to the sobriquet Edom that Jews had long attached to the persecuting Roman Empire and its Church.
Christians are called "Edom" as a result of their actions; indeed, they worship their god deceitfully and with untrue beliefs.
The mention in the chapter of a king in Edom is contradicted, as Chanan Brichto pointed out, by two verses in Kings that show there was no king in Edom at the time (I Kings 22:48 and II Kings 8:20)!
Matt Goatley led the charge with 70 and found support from Rob Edom with 63 not out.
Voisin of The Washington Post was awarded the Cliff Edom's "New America Award," given in recognition of stories about under-covered groups, for a project on Hispanic immigrants coming to the U.S.
Edom - Vera Adele Edom, 88, of Springfield, died Dec.