EDORAEuropean Development Opportunities in Rural Areas
EDORAÉnergie d'Origine Renouvelable et Alternative (French: Original Renewable and Alternative Energy; Belgium)
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As Theoden prepares to leave Edoras and ride to war, he summons his sister-daughter Eowyn.
Scene 23 Gandalf, having released Theoden from Saruman's control, takes his leave of Edoras riding on Shadowfax.
But in the end their caritas for Frodo leads to eucatastrophe; the scattering of the Company puts Sam firmly at Frodo's side, sends Merry and Pippin off to become the pebbles that start the avalanche in Fangorn, and brings Gandalf to Edoras to cure Theoden.
We do not hear of Eowyn again until 252 pages later, when she welcomes Aragorn and his Grey Company of kinsmen and friends to Edoras as they journey to Gondor and battle with their enemies.
Little is said about King Theoden's relationship with his son Theodred, although when Gandalf and his companions come to Edoras five days after Theodred's death, he is bowed with grief: "The young perish and the old linger, withering" (TT 121).