EDORAEuropean Development Opportunities in Rural Areas
EDORAÉnergie d'Origine Renouvelable et Alternative (French: Original Renewable and Alternative Energy; Belgium)
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Endovascular medical company BIOTRONIK reported on Monday the commercial launch of the US FDA approved smallest MR conditional quadripolar cardiac resynchronisation therapy pacemaker Edora HF-T QP with a volume of 15 cc.
We conducted capacity building to train and prepare the fishermen and their families in handling their own livelihood projects, Edora said at a forum with fishermen on Saturday.
While the town hopes to regain access to the shoal, Edora has taken other steps to try to help the fishermen.
We also received input from our teaching technologist author Edora) and from the British Columbia Institute of Technology as to what various syllabuses contained on standard reporting.
In line with ATR's EDORA project, aiming to bring full digitalization of the operational documentation, ATR has also integrated the development of software allowing to check files in .xml format.
Lyceum 72 - Zamora 17, Evangelista 13, Lesmoras 10, Azores 9, Taladua 6, Lacastesantos 6, Ko 6, Mendoza 4, Soliman 1, Francisco 0, Garcia 0, Edora 0.
Pushed to its completion in 1998 although everyone seemed to be against it, the harmful effects of the plant's operation became evident several years later, affecting mostly farmers and fishermen, complained Masinloc Mayor Desiree Edora. "The fruits of trees, specially mango trees for which we are well known for, have been stunted.
Segun Buchmann (2006: 183) el set de "Edoras" de la pelicula El Senor de los Anillos utilizo un lugar ubicado en el Valle Upper Rangitata, en Nueva Zelanda.
Tolkien borrows directly from The Wanderer and gives us his version of the motif at the entrance to Edoras in his The Two Towers.
Hasta julio de 2015, de acuerdo con los archivos de Mossack Fonseca, Quala Inc., tenia en distintos paraisos fiscales empresas offshore como Chuang Traders Limited, Armin Heab Limited, Edoras Commercial Limited, Montex Services Corporation Limited, Clear Ocean Enterprises Limited, South China Investment Limited, Starlight Assets Investments Ltd., Scaridon S, Healix Financial Corporation y Global Industrial Investments LLP, Henwick Corp y Solton Global Corporation.
He leads them to Edoras, where a guard at the gate expresses the situation the Rohirrim face when he declares, "Do not hope too much!
It's been argued that the settlements of Edoras and Minas Tirith in Tolkien's work were modelled on Warwick at various stages in its history.