EDPCElectric Drives Production Conference (EU)
EDPCEastern District Planning Commission (Canada)
EDPCElectronic Data Processing Center
EDPCeXit Disposable Puncture Closure (endourology)
EDPCEnvironmental Damage Prevention and Control (UK)
EDPCÉducation-Dressage en Psychologie Canine (French dog training center)
EDPCEconomic & Development Progress Center (Iraq)
EDPCEating Disorders Professionals of Colorado
EDPCExotic Disease Prevention and Control (UK)
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In addition to the EDPC and CERI, there are some research programs for which the costs are shared by some of the member countries interested in them.
Drummer, "Improvement of the magnetic properties of injection molded polymer bonded magnets," in Proceedings of the 3rd International Electric Drives Production Conference (EDPC '13), Nuremberg, Germany, October 2013.
RUMMAGE: Investigators carrying out Operation EDPC (Empty Discarded Pack Collection) searched public bins for evidence.
Calculating "Effective Decision Policy Change." To calculate EDPC, regression is used to determine standardized coefficients--as weights--for each of the decision attributes employed in Part 2 for each individual.
In analyzing the conjoint data to generate the inputs for calculating EDPC, we found 91% of the individuals' decision policies are statistically significant (p < .05) in the first set of responses (prior to feedback), with a mean [R.sup.2] of .67.
This approach facilitates an investigation of the amount of variance in EDPC accounted for by the inclusion of additional explanatory variables in Steps 2, and 3, "over and above" the group of variables included in the previous regression model.
The base model does explain a significant amount of the variance in EDPC ([R.sup.2] = .089, p > .05).
The full model (Step 3) explains a significant amount of variance ([R.sup.2] = .531, p < .001) in EDPC. Further, the full model represents a significant improvement in explained variance over and above the main effects model ([DELTA][R.sup.2] = .071, p < .001).
Figure 1 indicates that moving from outcome to cognitive feedback (left to right) improves EDPC. Further, the demonstrated improvement in EDPC is more positive for those individuals high on metacognitive knowledge than those low on metacognitive knowledge (depicted by the significant and positive change in slope between low and high metacognitive knowledge).
The Economic and Development Progress Center (EDPC) was established in the Iraqi capital in early 2008 by a group of industry players and businessmen.
agreed to further develop the EDPC, the allies' cooperation mechanism on