EDPFSchwandorf (airport code; Germany)
EDPFÉditions du Petit Fleuve (French book publishing company)
EDPFEnterocyte Differentiation-Promoting Factor (proteins)
EDPFÉtablissements Décaux Père et Fils (French carpentry and locksmithing company)
EDPFÉtude Dessin Paget Fabien (French engineering company)
EDPFExperimental Distributed Processing Facility
EDPFEuropean Drug Policy Fund (Network of European Foundations)
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The use of Cantonese has profound significance, as it shows that EDPF maintains Guangzhouers' subversive discourse since the 2010 pro-Cantonese protest.
Apart from the deliberate linguistic choice, EDPF constantly displays Guangzhou's cultural products and links them with the immediate living conditions and experience in Guangzhou.
There is another layer of significance about the terms 'local' and 'traditional' as EDPF makes them the metaphor for financial affordability.
In addition to displaying Guangzhou's local culture and linguistic practice through Weibo's visualisation and typing functions, EDPF also organises Guangzhouers' experience with Hong Kong and waisheng to constitute a collective sense of self and belonging.
EDPF's emphasis on Hong Kong's media culture frames Guangzhou as a place of resistance to political domination and ideological homogenisation.
These liberal values derived from Hong Kong's media and cultural products also characterise EDPF's treatment of waisheng, although this is done differently.
EDPF reposts news reports from the mainstream media in the 'Disadvantaged group' and 'Human interests' categories.
EDPF's negative treatment of the woman serves as a critical reminder that migrant workers in Guangzhou are facing similar unfairness, and hence demanding that Guangzhouers express more respect for and compassion towards migrant workers and other disadvantaged social groups.
EDPF puts this norm forward as the 'benchmark' to define Guangzhou's geo-identity, as it is something for all Guangzhouers to follow.