EDPLEminent Domain Procedure Law (New York)
EDPLEducation Policy and Leadership
EDPLÉdition des Petits Livres (French: Publishing of Little Books)
EDPLEnglish Department Premier League (sports)
EDPLEastern Districts Pool League (Boronia, Victoria, Australia)
EDPLEglise de Dieu de la Pentecote Libre (French: Free Pentecostal Church of God)
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EDPL procedure requires the condemning entity to hold a public
Finally, in 2005, the EDPL was amended to require that the record
The EDPL requires that, within ninety days of the public meeting,
the substantive determination of blight), the EDPL is not particularly
Section 207(c) of the EDPL limits the Appellate Division's
is limited to "whether the procedural requirements of EDPL article
367) The bill proposes to amend section 103 of the EDPL to define
104) Over the past six years, every department of the New York State Appellate Division has used the phrase "public benefit" when referring to the public use doctrine of the EDPL.