EDPMDonzdorf (airport code; Germany)
EDPMElectronic Data Processing Machine
EDPMEthylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer
EDPMÉquipe de Droit Pénal de Montpellier (French: Team of Criminal Law of Montpellier; Montpellier, France)
EDPMElectronic Document Preparation and Management (educational courses)
EDPMElectronic Designated Primary Market-maker
EDPMEstrogen-Dependent Pituitary Mass (endocrinology)
EDPMEvent-Driven Power Management
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Installing the most advanced CAD, PLM, EDPM or any other acronym-laden software does nothing if the person who has to use it doesn't understand what's available and how to use it.
"They get very brittle, like hard glue that's been dried out." The company used a synthetic rubber called EDPM for nonmetallic parts.
Other features include: Teflon seats with EPDM or Viton; full vacuum rating; socket, threaded, flanged or butt models; seals made from EDPM, Viton and AFLAS; and a two year warranty.
SNCL Engineering Services, which includes EDPM, Nuclear, Infrastructure Services, and Capital, recorded a strong performance with positive Segment EBIT(7) of $192.5 million, representing a 12.2% ratio (8.2% excluding Capital).