EDPMDonzdorf (airport code; Germany)
EDPMElectronic Data Processing Machine
EDPMEthylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer
EDPMÉquipe de Droit Pénal de Montpellier (French: Team of Criminal Law of Montpellier; Montpellier, France)
EDPMElectronic Document Preparation and Management (educational courses)
EDPMElectronic Designated Primary Market-maker
EDPMEstrogen-Dependent Pituitary Mass (endocrinology)
EDPMEvent-Driven Power Management
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Therefore, these excessive fillers and oils were not incorporated and mixed into the EPDM mbbers until the EDPM rubbers were softened enough.
The unit can handle various types of natural and synthetic rubber such as butyl, Viton, EDPM, Solprene, Hypalon, Hycar and more.
Infi-Shield is an external EDPM seal and Flex Seal is an internal flexible urethane seal.
This study shows that this new EDPM rubber grade offers certain attributes that can be advantageous for automotive coolant hose applications, demonstrating that recent advancements in the area of metallocene catalysts have the potential to provide new EPDM polymers with improved processability.
The building has 214 parking spaces, with 27 rooftop HVAC units totaling 114 tons of heating/cooling capacity, and a Ballasted EDPM, Insulated (R-14) roof.
Furthermore, antimicrobially treated EDPM samples exhibited excellent antifungal efficacy against a high inoculum (1.
14) Reclaiming of EDPM rubber: A comparative evaluation of amines and disulphides as devulcanization aids.
These two new SP2 grades are recommended for molding larger parts, increasing the number of prints per mold and/or molding more intricate EDPM components.
Table 1 - structure and composition of EDPM polymers used in this study (typical data) Polymer K7341A Polymer A Polymer B Production technology CLCB Convent.
Table 1 - mechanical characteristics of black EDPM compounds containing different mineral fillers Kaolinitic Untreated Silane treated quartz/N550 talc/N550 talc/N550 Hardness durometer A, pts.
Table 6 - cryogenically ground rubber in an EDPM compound Formulation Ingredient Level EPDM 100.
Table 2 -- propylene content of three selected EDPM samples, measured by own in-house method