EDPNEnvironnement Développement des Pays Narbonnais (French environmental association)
EDPNÉtude Développement Projet Nature (French: Nature Study Development Project)
EDPNEuropean Decision Professionals Network
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"conchaphila" from EdPn and EdPs in Sinaloa, combined as EdP hereafter) are reciprocally monophyletic with respect to all other included taxa.
Oco-Southern (S) includes both Ostrea conchaphila sites, EdPn and EdPs; Olu-Northern (N) includes both Vancouver Island sites for O.
CA (ML) Ostrea lurida Alamitos Bay, CA (AL) Ostrea lurida Newport Bay, CA (NB) Ostrea lurida Aqua Hedionda, CA (AH) Ostrea lurida Batiquitos Lagoon, CA (BL) Ostrea lurida Scripps Pier, La Jolla, CA (LJ) Ostrea lurida Mission Bay, CA (MB) Ostrea lurida San Diego Bay, CA (SD) Ostrea lurida Bahia San Quintin, Baja California (SQ) Ostrea conchaphila Ensenada del Pabellon (N), Sinaloa (EdPn) Ostrea conchaphila Ensenada del Pabellon (S), Sinaloa (EdPs) Saccostrea spp.