EDPRPEconomic Development and Poverty Reduction Programme (Georgia)
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However absurd it appeared, a situation developed wherein the post-revolution Government refused to recognise the Shevardnadze-approved EDPRP, on one hand, and the international financial institutions continued working with the Georgian Government upon the basis of this very declined programme, on the other (7).
In the summer of 2003, when the President of Georgia approved the EDPRP, it was established that 52% of the country's population lived below the poverty line and 25% were the poorest part of the population.
The participants recognised the strategic vision and major initiatives taken by the new Government of Georgia, which has embarked on a national recovery program to root out corruption and strengthen governance, ensure energy supplies, promote private sector development, secure sustained economic growth, and reduce poverty under an Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Program (EDPRP).