EDPSEuropean Data Protection Supervisor (EU; job title)
EDPSSonnen (airport code; Germany)
EDPSElectronic Design Process Symposium
EDPSElectronic Data Processing System
EDPSEdinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale
EDPSEuropean Drug Profiling System
EDPSEsophageal-Directed Pressure Support (chest treatment)
EDPSÉcole de Plongée Sous-Marine Constellation (French diving school)
EDPSEuropean Degradable Polymer Society (chemistry)
EDPSEquipment Distribution Planning Studies
EDPSEat Drink Palm Springs (online resource)
EDPSEncounter Data Processing System
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The EDPS's contributions to a research framework programme and to calls for proposals may aim at the following:
The EDPS therefore urges the Commission "to provide solid evidence and reliable statistics" on the need for its proposal.
Only five of those cases were proper' prior checks, in the sense that they were submitted to the EDPS before they started.
The EDPS also criticised, in unison with some MEPs, the overly generous transfer of data on European air passengers travelling to the United States in the context of the fight against terrorism, in the PNR agreement approved in the end by the EP.
In a critical opinion, published on 24 April, the EDPS states that measures for the enforcement of intellectual property rights on the internet remain imprecise and can run counter to the rights to privacy and data protection (4412).
EDPS Peter Hustinx said that "The re-use of PSI that contains personal data may bring significant benefits, but also entails considerable risks to the protection of personal data.
According to the EDPS, it is not clear whether the future legislation will have any impact on the transfer of data on European air passengers to the United States (PNR) for counter-terrorism purposes.
The EDPS also stresses the need to evaluate the impact on privacy and security of the merger of driver cards and driving licences.
"The EDPS faces the challenge of fulfilling his ever-increasing role in the legislative procedure while guaranteeing high quality and appreciated contributions to it, delivered by limited resources.
For the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS), the 15-year data retention period is excessive and the purposes for which the data are used are defined too broadly.