EDPSEuropean Data Protection Supervisor (EU; job title)
EDPSSonnen (airport code; Germany)
EDPSElectronic Design Process Symposium
EDPSElectronic Data Processing System
EDPSEdinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale
EDPSEuropean Drug Profiling System
EDPSEsophageal-Directed Pressure Support (chest treatment)
EDPSÉcole de Plongée Sous-Marine Constellation (French diving school)
EDPSEquipment Distribution Planning Studies
EDPSEuropean Degradable Polymer Society (chemistry)
EDPSEat Drink Palm Springs (online resource)
EDPSEncounter Data Processing System
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Notwithstanding, the EDPS considers that new legislative measures might be necessary.
For this museum, EDPS gathered desert and oasis flora and fauna, some of which the tribes of Egypt have come to depend on for medicinal purposes.
As denounced by the MEP, the entry-exit project already considers the possibility of access for police (after an assessment period), a "dangerous" idea since the individuals whose data will be collected are not suspected of committing any crime, says the EDPS.
As the work of Europol relies on the cooperation with and between law enforcement agencies in Europe, it is important that data protection considerations are fully taken into account: in practice this means that Europol should collate personal information for specific investigations only," commented Peter Hustinx, EDPS.
In future, says the report, the EDPS will put special emphasis on ensuring better compliance in agencies, notably by underlining the importance of complying with the regulation at the level of agency management.
In short, the EDPS plans to be more in the limelight.
Basically, the EDPS supports the European Parliament: on 24 September 2008 (first reading, co-decision), the EP voted in favour of the obligation to "notify" every "security breach" involving private data, both for internet access providers and for online service providers, such as banks or pharmacies.
The EDPS is also critical of "conflicts of interest" for those combining DPO tasks with other responsibilities and a lack of adequate resources for day-to-day job performance, which can "have serious implications for the effective application of the regulation".
The EDPS may also give an opinion in relation to individual RTD projects, either at the request of a consortium of a project or on his own initiative.
Only five of those cases were proper' prior checks, in the sense that they were submitted to the EDPS before they started.
Davidson's more than 20 years of high-tech industry experience also includes a variety of executive management positions at Siemens Computer Systems, EDPS Software, and Rainbow Technologies Inc.
The EDPS also criticised, in unison with some MEPs, the overly generous transfer of data on European air passengers travelling to the United States in the context of the fight against terrorism, in the PNR agreement approved in the end by the EP.