EDPVREnd-Diastolic Pressure-Volume Relation
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GGD treatment also blocked TAC-induced steeper slope of EDPVR and prolonged Tau, which suggested that GGD abrogated TAC-induced diastolic dysfunction.
dp/dt: derivative of pressure; Tau: isovolumic relaxation constant; PRSW: preload recruitable stroke work; Ees: the slope of ESPVR (the end-systolic pressure-volume relationship); EDPVR: the slope of the end-diastolic pressure-volume relationship; TAC: transverse aorta constriction; Tel: telmisartan; GGD: Guizhi Gancao Decoction.
LVEDP and the slope of EDPVR were significantly increased in diabetic animals of the type-2 DM model, indicating a marked increase in end-diastolic stiffness.
- Generation of PV loops and ESPVR and EDPVR in-vivo
Milrinone did not have any effect on diastolic function which is in contrast to the findings by Monrad et al (6) who found improved indices of diastolic function in patients with advanced congestive heart failure treated with milrinone, including improved EDPVR. It is difficult, however, to separate the effects of right ventricular dysfunction (leading to right ventricular hypertension and dilation) on left ventricular diastolic function.