EDQÉcole de Danse de Québec (French: Dance School of Quebec; Quebec, Canada)
EDQEconomic Development Quarterly
EDQExercise Dependence Questionnaire
EDQÉtablissement de Détention de Québec (French: Detention Facility in Quebec; Quebec, Canada)
EDQElectronic Documents Questionnaire (various companies)
EDQEnterprise Data Quality (software)
EDQEqual Daily Quantity (oil industry)
EDQEating Disorder Questionnaire
EDQElton Dean Quartet
EDQEquipment Design Qualification
EDQExtensor Digitorum Quinti
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In addition, as noted by Hausenblas and Symons Downs (2002a), only three of the eight subscales of the EDQ measure dependence criteria presented in the DSM-IV (i.
EDQ received an application for the Demolition of a Heritage Place at 11-13 Abbotsford Road, Bowen Hills on 23 November 2015.
Information sessions and consultation with other state agencies and the community was also carried out by EDQ.
The land at Parklands PDA was transferred to EDQ on the 1 October 2013 and early works to prepare the site for development have already begun.
EDQ and council will now prepare a development scheme for the area which will guide future development, he said.
Following the declaration of Weinam Creek, EDQ and council will prepare a development scheme for the area which is the overarching document to guide future development.
EDQ will continue to work closely with the Redland City Council while preparing the development scheme to ensure any plans and vision for the site complement the local community and council s expectations.
I congratulate Council for its hard work in identifying this site and working with EDQ to seek its declaration.
Mr Seeney said following the declaration, EDQ and Council would prepare a development scheme for the area to guide future development, which would take 12 months and include a community engagement program.