EDQÉcole de Danse de Québec (French: Dance School of Quebec; Quebec, Canada)
EDQEconomic Development Quarterly
EDQExercise Dependence Questionnaire
EDQÉtablissement de Détention de Québec (French: Detention Facility in Quebec; Quebec, Canada)
EDQElectronic Documents Questionnaire (various companies)
EDQEnterprise Data Quality (software)
EDQEqual Daily Quantity (oil industry)
EDQEating Disorder Questionnaire
EDQElton Dean Quartet
EDQExtensor Digitorum Quinti
EDQEquipment Design Qualification
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Forty-one submissions were received and after careful consideration of this feedback and with specialist advice, EDQ made refinements to the development scheme that has now been adopted to reflect community views.
For the few hot springs such as CX, CX2, EDQ, CK1, and YLSS2 (Figure 5), they show high concentration of [Ca.sup.2+], which indicate they may originate from the dissolution of carbonate.
The company's business-driven Data Governance solution includes real-time data quality metrics from Oracle[R] EDQ. Collibra's industry leading Data Governance solutions enable rapid business capabilities and deliver trusted information.
Por ultimo, Kjelsas y Augestad (2003), no obtuvieron diferencias significativas en atletas varones y mujeres en cuanto a su adiccion al entrenamiento, indicando una mayor satisfaccion aquellos que obtuvieron una mayor puntuacion en el EDQ.
With the relationship of the number of underwater sensor nodes N and EDQ, we can deploy randomly a number of nodes more than the required number according to (19) and (20).
The EAI is an instrument based more on the theory of addiction to behaviours than on criteria perceived as important by the researcher (e.g., the EDQ) or criteria for substance dependence (e.g., the EDS).
Entrepreneurial Background Variables (EBV): It included, Age of the entrepreneur (AGE), Educational Qualification (EDQ), Family Income (FIN), Previous Occupational Activity, (POCA), Enterprising Experience (ENE), Memberships in Association (MIA), Place of Enterprise (POE), Entrepreneurship Development Training (EDT), Father's Present Occupation (FOPRE), and Father's Previous Occupation (FOPVS)
En esta linea, Weik y Hale (2009), con una muestra de 102 hombres y 102 mujeres practicantes de ejercicio en un centro de acondicionamiento fisico estadounidense, analizaron las diferencias segun el sexo en dependencia del ejercicio comparando dos instrumentos diferentes, la "Escala de dependencia del ejercicio-revisada" (Exercise Dependence Scale-Revised, EDS-R; Symons Downs et al., 2004) y el "Cuestionario de dependencia del ejercicio" (Exercise Dependence Questionnaire, EDQ, Ogden, Veale y Summers, 1997).
In the literature, we found instruments to measure similar constructs, such as the Exercise Dependence Questionnaire (EDQ; Ogden, Veale, & Summers, 1997), which measures dependence on exercise in general, but in view of the lack of specific studies of marathoners' NAR and of an adequate instrument to measure such constructs in Spanish, the goal of this work is the adaptation and confirmation of the psychometric properties of the original instrument of Chapman and De Castro (1990) in sample of our environment and culture (Spain).