EDQMEuropean Directorate for the Quality of Medicines
EDQMEuropean Department for the Quality of Medicines
EDQMEnterprise Data Quality Management
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The framework agreement provides the holders in response exclusively to consultations launched by the EDQM for the award of subsequent contracts within the scope of the framework agreement for the whole duration of the agreement.
With the world's pharmaceutical development manufacturing base moving to India - there are 546 US FDA approved company sites (second only to the US), 23 companies holding 1100 authorisations with UK's MHRA, and 166 companies together hold over 1100 CEPs (Certificates of Suitability) from EDQM - coupled with the rise in supergenerics, the country's next natural step is to use its world leading development expertise in the creation of new chemical entities.
Its manufacturing facilities are inspected and approved by the FDA, EDQM, PMDA as well as leading regulatory agencies.
Many Indian manufacturers have upgraded their manufacturing plants, which has enabled India to have a number of plants certified by the FDA, EDQM and various other regulatory agencies.
The purpose of the contract is to decontaminate by H2O2 with the objective of ensuring the disinfection of controlled atmosphere zones (ZAC) and microbiological safety posts so that the EDQM carries out its analytical and production operations in the required controlled environment , Ie free from any microbiological agent.
Today, by virtue of its expertise and a forward looking investment strategy, the SOLABIA Group has reinforced its global position with the creation of a second production line dedicated to the manufacture of animal origin peptones at its recently constructed production site in Brazil, with corresponding EDQM and ISO 9001 v.
This invitation to tender concerns the storage services of reference standards for the EDQM (European Pharmacopoeia).
42J29 Ecron Acunova GmbH 42A09 EDQM, Council of Europe 42N29 EGPd.
This tender for emergency call management services for the transport of dangerous goods to the EDQM.
EMA (119), EDQM (202), Germany (104), UK (53), France (44), Italy (11) and Ireland (5).
This consultation aims to meet the needs of the laboratory service (DLAB) of the EDQM in terms liquid chromatography systems.
The consultation concerns the SPS coordinator mission for the construction of a secondary site of the EDQM in Greater Metz.