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EDRAMEmbedded Dynamic Ram
EDRAMEnhanced Dynamic Ram
EDRAMExtended Dynamic Ram
EDRAMEnhanced Dynamic Random Access Memory
EDRAMEmbedded Dynamic Random Access Memory
EDRAMErasable Dynamic Random Access Memory
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LSI Logic customers can choose from a library of cores, including the Ethernet 1000 Mbps MAC and PHY cores, HyperPHY and GigaBlaze high-speed serial transceiver cores, ARM and MIPS microprocessors, and new ZSP, EDRAM and EFPGA capabilities.
A leading specialty DRAM company, Enhanced Memory Systems began shipping its first low-latency EDRAM products in 1992.
EDRAM (DRAM mejorada) La memoria de DRAM Enhanced Memory Sistems contiene una pequena cantidad de SDRAM.