EDRCEating Disorders Resource Center (various locations)
EDRCExpanded Dispatch Recorder (various organizations)
EDRCEngineering Design Research Center (Carnegie Mellon)
EDRCEuropean Drosophila Research Conference
EDRCEconomic and Development Review Committee (Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development)
EDRCEuropean Documentation and Research Centre (University of Malta)
EDRCEuropean Documentation and Research Centre (De La Salle University-Manila)
EDRCEpworth & District Riding Club (UK)
EDRCEconomic Development and Research Center (Armenia)
EDRCÉcrans Drainants en Rives de Chaussées (French: Draining in Rives of Highways)
EDRCEager Disk Request Cancellation (computing)
EDRCElectronic Date Recognition Clause (various companies)
EDRCEating Disorders Research Consortium (UK)
EDRCEstimated Daily Recovery Capacity (oil volume)
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Seven percent of the income generated from EDRC system would be utilized for the restoration of mangrove forests in Asia and the development of new solar panels.
It has to be made a small part of EDRC (Economic development and Growth Commission).
The EDRC has pointed out that there are several distinct populations in
The Commission and the Member States of the European Union are working actively on ways of reviewing EC and EU wide policies within the context of the EDRC
OECD (2002f), Product market competition and economic performance -- A framework for EDRC Reviews.
National Telecommunications and Post Commission (2002), "Recent Progress in Liberalizing the Telecommunications Market in Greece", Contribution of EETT in preparation for the 2001/2002 EDRC Review.
Overall, the Jobs Strategy remains an effective response to labour market problems in Member countries, and the EDRC has encouraged countries to press on with its implementation.
Economic developments have been relatively favourable since the previous EDRC meeting on Spain in early 1994.
For OECD Member countries, the EDRC has an obligation to exercise multilateral surveillance and peer review on the full range of economic policies that bear on growth and development.
Part I of the Survey reviews economic developments since Denmark was previously examined by the EDRC, highlighting the recovery in activity in the course of 1993.
The Dutch economy is emerging from a cyclical downturn which, contrary to fears entertained at the time of the previous EDRC examination of the Netherlands, has been shallow both compared with previous ones and with developments in neighbouring countries.
Contact: EDRC, 201 Varick Street, New York, NY 10014; (212) 620-3388.