EDREElectronic Date Recognition Exclusion (insurance)
EDREEmergency Deployment Readiness Exercise
EDREÉtudes, Développement, Réalisation et Exploitation (French: Studies, Development, Implementation and Operation)
EDREEmergency Deployment Reaction Exercise
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Another initiative that profited our organization during the EDRE is our leadership professional development program, which is focused on exposing Geronimo officers and NCOs to civilian leaders and professionals.
During the EDRE, we quickly integrated our air mobility and unit movement teams with Air Force planners and inspectors, allowing us to promptly react to changes in manifest, timeline, and aircraft.
Through the EDRE we diagnosed vulnerabilities not normally visible within the organization.
This EDRE was the third exercise that the platoon executed within fiscal year 2014.
The EDRE will provide feedback to help the company improve procedures and develop a feel for the requirements of a real-world emergency.
Army Pacific (USARPAC) rapid reaction force, each with an EDRE and a heavy battalion task force from the East Coast with a SEDRE.
In September 2013, USARPAC conducted the first Army centrally funded level III EDRE since the invasion of Iraq in 2003 for units not based at Fort Bragg.
The Program Objective Memorandum for 2015 to 2019 reflects these priorities and includes three EDREs and one SEDRE.
The AfDB team was led by Steve Kayizzi-Mugerwa, Director of EDRE.
Edres is always keen on designing long-sleeved dresses unlike the ongoing trends
Total quantity or scope: The objective of this contract is to ensure the operational maintenance of EDRES software workshop.
Corrective, adaptive and scalable software EDRES (lot 1)