EDRKKoblenz/Winningen (airport code; Germany)
EDRKEesti Digiraamatute Keskus (Estonian: Estonian Center for Digital Books)
EDRKEvolution and Devolution of Religious Knowledge
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The problem with putting this gloss on (b) is that it requires reading too much into the project of EDRK. Moreover, when (b), thus understood, is conjoined with (c) 'theories are in continuous flux', as the Argument demands, meaning is rendered entirely unstable and fleeting (as theories enter into inferential relations).
These conclusions constitute the thesis of evolution and devolution of shari'ah (EDRK).
Now, while the first part of the quoted sentence seems to acknowledge that the distinction is a genuine one, the second part takes this as underwriting the EDRK thesis.
Let us remind ourselves of the basic tenets of the EDRK thesis.
I suspect, in drawing the contours of EDRK, Soroush has borrowed heavily from Hick even if he tries to make it look as though the idea follows from something like the Argument.
The idea was merely to illustrate, as in the case of Soroush's project of EDRK, the kind of reform one may end up with, if one were to follow them to their logical conclusion.
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