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EDRNNannhausen (airport code; Germany)
EDRNEarly Detection Research Network
EDRNEuropean Diaspora Research Network (Australian National University)
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Those programs include EDRN, the Consortium for Molecular and Cellular Characterization of Screen-Detected Lesions, and the Informatics Technology for Cancer Research initiative.
EDRN has fulfilled these expectations by establishing a process for biomarker development by using a multidisciplinary and multiinstitutional approach.
C-TASC's new Bio Repository Management System (BRMS), a fully integrated module of StudyCTMSTM, will also be deployed at NYU, enabling investigators to easily manage the processing, delivery, archival and allocation of all EDRN laboratory research specimens catalogued at the study site.
Four of the grants are to institutions new to EDRN.
Since its inception, EDRN investigators have learned a great deal about the process of validating biomarkers for clinical use.
The findings from our pilot study will advance the objectives of the EDRN initiative," Biomoda Chief Executive Officer Maria Zannes said.
Membership in the EDRN is a great privilege," said Dr.
As I indicated earlier (4), organizations such as EDRN could independently validate biomarkers and publish the findings.
These 2 reports are models of biomarker validation and demonstrate a tremendous return on the NIH investment supporting the EDRN process.
The EDRN is an initiative of National Cancer Institute's Division of Cancer Prevention.
The validation study (20) was divided into 3 stages and was specifically targeted at evaluation of the previously published EDRN study for the detection of PCa (1).
A clinical study of the Xenomics proprietary Transrenal DNA technology for early tumor detection, has been funded recently through a grant from EDRN of NCI/NIH, and has commenced at Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia and four other medical centers in US and Canada.