EDRPEducation Debt Reduction Program (Department of Veterans Affairs)
EDRPPirmasens (airport code; Germany)
EDRPEnergy Demand Research Project (Office of the Gas and Electricity Markets; UK)
EDRPEncrypted Data Recovery Policy
EDRPEnfants des Rues de Pondichéry (French: Street Children of Pondicherry; Pondicherry, India)
EDRPEC-Council Disaster Recovery Professional
EDRPEnvironmental Data Rescue Program
EDRPEmployee Discount Rate Plan
EDRPEfficiency Demand-Response Programs
EDRPElectronic Discovery Readiness Program
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Al-Herbish said the award was in recognition of the role the EDRP plays in caring for Ex-Detainees and their families.
Al-Herbish stated that the work of EDRP is in accord with OFID's overall objectives in ensuring the sustainability of dignified life for the Palestinian society and that "the program aims at achieving a long-term solution in rehabilitating societal groups by providing a solid framework which has a rippling affect within the entire community.
According to Lawrence, the EDRP has about 950 participants statewide.
Our capabilities will enable NYISO customers to participate in the EDRP and other demand response programs much more quickly and economically than with alternative suppliers.
Electrotek will then analyze the data collected from the 24/7 monitoring and control system, communicating with the backup generators to allow their dispatch from a single control point consistent with the requirements of the EDRP.
Utility customers will be able to subscribe to individual components or license the total EDRP suite.