EDRSEuropean Data Relay System (European Space Agency)
EDRSERIC Document Reproduction Service (Columbia University, NY)
EDRSEating Disorders Research Society
EDRSEdgware & District Reform Synagogue (UK)
EDRSElectronic Data Reporting System
EDRSEnforcement Document Retrieval System
EDRSEmergency Disconnect and Release System
EDRSEuropean Data Relay Satellite
EDRSElectronic Discharge Referral Summary (healthcare; Australia)
EDRSDoD(Department of Defense) Engineering Data Micro Reproduction System (US DoD)
EDRSEntreprise de Distribution par Relais Satellite (French)
EDRSEco Design Resource Society (British Columbia, Canada)
EDRSEngineering Data Retrieval System
EDRSEngineering Drawing Release Schedule
EDRSEquipment Data Requisition Sheet (oil & gas industry)
EDRSEngineering Design Requisition Sheet
EDRSEating Disorders Recovery and Support
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The EDRS defined an influenza death as death of a person who 1) died in Los Angeles Country, regardless of his/her residence, and 2) had influenza (or a synonym listed above) recorded on the death certificate in the week during which the death certificate was originally filed.
EDRS is the European network of geostationary satellites which acts as gateway between Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites and ground stations.
The EDRS was established because injecting drug users were not a good sentinel population to monitor trends in the use of these illicit drugs, which are primarily used by non-injectors.
Prior to the 1998 growing season the area under beds at MBRS and EDRS was completely reformed and enlarged after the soil was loosened with a multi-tyne ripper.
the Luxembourg based engineering and technology company, announced today that it has been selected for provisioning four antenna systems as part of the satellite ground stations to monitor and control the EDRS satellite network.
The 33-page document is available from EDRS at http://www.
Available from EDRS and from: International Reading Association, 800 Barksdale Road, P.
Within the scope of EDRS, SES TechCom will supply four state-of-the-art satellite control stations and data reception facilities to be built on the premises of the earth stations in Weilheim (DLR), Redu (Belgium) and Harwell (UK).
Also, Eutelsat Government EMEA will in addition leverage Eutelsat's experience on joint satellite programmes and hosted payloads (that include the Raytheon payload for the US Federal Aviation Administration on the EUTELSAT 117 West B satellite and EDRS - European Data Relay Payload - for ESA on EUTELSAT 9B).
The 12 page document is available from EDRS at http://www.
Kahlthau, "The Information Search Process of High, Middle, and Low Achieving High School Seniors," paper presented at the Research Forum of the American Association of School Librarians, July 1988, EDRS, ED310787, microfiche: 4.
Available from EDRS and from: CenterSource Systems, 85 Liberty Ship Way, Suite 104, Sausalito, CA 94965; www.