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EDRSEuropean Data Relay System (European Space Agency)
EDRSERIC Document Reproduction Service (Columbia University, NY)
EDRSEating Disorders Research Society
EDRSEdgware & District Reform Synagogue (UK)
EDRSElectronic Data Reporting System
EDRSEnforcement Document Retrieval System
EDRSEmergency Disconnect and Release System
EDRSEuropean Data Relay Satellite
EDRSElectronic Discharge Referral Summary (healthcare; Australia)
EDRSDoD(Department of Defense) Engineering Data Micro Reproduction System (US DoD)
EDRSEco Design Resource Society (British Columbia, Canada)
EDRSEntreprise de Distribution par Relais Satellite (French)
EDRSEngineering Data Retrieval System
EDRSEngineering Drawing Release Schedule
EDRSEquipment Data Requisition Sheet (oil & gas industry)
EDRSEngineering Design Requisition Sheet
EDRSEating Disorders Recovery and Support
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The insurance premium discounts offered by the insurance companies are encouraging vehicle owners to install EDRs in their vehicles.
Camera EDRs have all kinds of artifacts, with which amateur astrophotographers are painfully familiar.
The EDRS project is supported by funding from the Australian Government under the Substance Misuse Prevention and Service Improvement Grants Fund (RG123582).
The Expedited Dispute Resolution (EDR) performance bond combines the coverage options of a traditional AIA 312 performance bond with a streamlined claim investigation and adjudication process that helps resolve disputes quickly and keeps the project's construction schedule on track.
The proposed all-dielectric metasurface consists of an infinite two-dimensional array of connected EDRs, as shown in Figure 1(a), made of dielectric (Rogers RO3210) of relative permittivity 10.2, loss tangent 0.003, and thickness h.
To reasonably assign liability to manufacturer or driver in an autonomous vehicle crash, autonomous vehicles should be required to carry Event Data Recorders ("EDRs"), similar to the FDRs required on airplanes.
Os dados utilizados para essa analise advem de series historicas das areas cultivadas de produtos de origem vegetal e de pastagens dos EDRs que compoem a regiao Oeste Paulista.
When the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration asked for public input on a proposed rule that would require all cars to have an event data recorder (EDR), commonly called a black box, its website was swamped by more than a thousand comments from people who were concerned about the privacy implications.
There is nothing new about EDRs. The automobile manufacturing industry initially developed them because it needed not only to make a safer automobile, but to defend itself in cases of "he said/she said" litigation.
Event data recorders (EDRs), also known as "black boxes," record driver behavior information including speed, seat belt use, and steering and braking factors.