EDRTTrier Fohren (airport code; Germany)
EDRTElder Death Review Team (California)
EDRTExecutive Development Roundtable
EDRTEuropean Defence Research & Technology (EU)
EDRTExpress Dépannage Remorquage Transport (French transportation repair company)
EDRTEffective Date of Release from Training
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Leveraging military assets with the experience of two of our civilian DSRs, Chance Young and Merrill "Sonny" Waugh, a dedicated helicopter transported 400 pounds of equipment, our EDRT Team and our DSRs to FOB Sharana.
Rodgers and her team of DSRs adeptly educated EDRTs to new skill levels, adding a new weapon in the war on metal--the Petrogen Torch.
With knowledge passing from the DSRs to the EDRTs, the project was underway.
Each new EDRT will train with an experienced joint team member on real missions across the Afghanistan AOR until they are recognized as ready to go.
EDRT University is providing training to Department of Defense members, and giving them a new skill .