EDRTSEnvironmental Data Remedial Tracking System
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A concept consisting of forward located Government Service Disposition Services Representatives (DSRs) and uniformed Expeditionary Disposal Remediation Team (EDRT) members receiving and processing excess, obsolete or battle-damaged equipment across the Afghanistan Area of Operations.
The CMRE was able to put its eyes forward, sending Base Closure Assessment Teams to FOBs, working with the EDRT planners to best prioritize EDRT capabilities, and plan support for EDRT/HBDO operations in theater.
Leveraging military assets with the experience of two of our civilian DSRs, Chance Young and Merrill "Sonny" Waugh, a dedicated helicopter transported 400 pounds of equipment, our EDRT Team and our DSRs to FOB Sharana.
With the opening of the "EDRT University" at DLA DS Bagram Yard, training of EDRTs has reached a new level of consistency and professionalism, leveraging the experience of onsite Disposition Services Representatives (DSRs) and previously deployed EDRTS in ways never before contemplated.
May said that the EDRTs and DSRs have kept more than 200 cargo trucks and 40 gun trucks off the road in the October 2012 to January 2013 time period, and they cannot accomplish this without the assistance of Disposition Services professionals on the ground.
When the closure team returns from the assessment, the FRE OIC arranges any follow-on enabler support, including environmental, EDRT (for excess scrap metal), MRPAT (for excess major end items), and engineer support.