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EDSACElectronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator
EDSACElectronic Delay Storage Automatic Computer
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Robert has donated his EDSAC rack to the British team and they are trying to integrate this original piece into their design.
On the recommendation of a report written by Standingford and Thompson, Lyons' board agreed to spend PS3,000 (about PS100,000 now) in supporting the EDSAC project which first ran in May 1949 under the leadership of John Pinkerton who was a radar engineer and research student.
The project is overseen by The Edsac Replica Project, a registered charity administered by Trustees from the University of Cambridge, the British Computing Society and the Hauser-Raspe Foundation, a charity founded in 2001 to advance education.
Edsac was one of several early British computers that pioneered the practical use of such machines, and the three-year re-build will be carried out before visitors to The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley.
Bergstrom did most of the numerical work by hand on an electric desk machine, including some matrix inversions, and also used the EDSAC, one of the two electronic computers in the UK at that time, when it was available.
The EDVAC was the predecessor of the EDSAC, the first operational stored-program computer.
Somebody else's self-righteous "calculations" of how much less it would have cost to allot a few extra bytes to represent dates (starting, perhaps with programs written in the 1950s, when the EDSAC had maybe 512 words of memory, total?) suffer even more acutely from byte-wise hindsight.
Some say spaghetti's a sin But labels are easy to see; And spaghetti has been in the world Since EDSAC I branched with an E.
A report of the Ergonomics and Disability Support Advisory Committee (EDSAC) to Council on Dental Practice (CDP).