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EDSACElectronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator
EDSACElectronic Delay Storage Automatic Computer
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On the recommendation of a report written by Standingford and Thompson, Lyons' board agreed to spend PS3,000 (about PS100,000 now) in supporting the EDSAC project which first ran in May 1949 under the leadership of John Pinkerton who was a radar engineer and research student.
Wilkes, EDSAC * IBM: computador electronico 604 * IBM: SSEC, 12.
Douglas trabajaba en la computadora de EDSAC en la Universidad de Cambridge sobre la interaccion entre los seres humanos y los computadores.
Bergstrom did most of the numerical work by hand on an electric desk machine, including some matrix inversions, and also used the EDSAC, one of the two electronic computers in the UK at that time, when it was available.